Dueling Robots

I told you, we need more robots. A while back, Misha (@mishavaughan) asked us to build something fun. So, we decided to put our new-ish Leap Motion controllers to good use to control robotic arms, specifically the OWI 535 with the USB interface, because why not.

Here you have Anthony (@anthonslai) and Noel (@noelportugal) dueling with said robot arms, each controlled by a Leap Motion.

Although Anthony won this round, they dueled again later, and Noel won. They’ll be dueling all week, so we’ll see who prevails. I’ve tried this myself, and it’s harder than it looks.

Beyond a fun exercise, this was a chance to dig into the Leap SDK, which we plan to use for other projects. Stay tuned for some technical thoughts on that.

Even though the Leap hasn’t been GA for long, there are a lot of hacks like this out there, including this exact one. The Leap is a fun tool to work with, and we’re excited to kick its tires some more.



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