Where to Find Some Robot Action

Sounds like a line from some dystopian future movie, but surprise, it’s a real question, i.e. where can I see the fantastic and amazing dueling robot arms?

If you’re attending Oracle OpenWorld next week, you can find the robotic arms, controlled by the Leap Motion, at the following venues and times:

2013 OPN Exchange & OAUX Expo

We’ll be one of several Apps UX teams attending the Oracle Partner Network’s Expo on Monday at 1:30 PM at the Marriott Marquis Mission Grill. If you’re an OPN member, check out the skinny from OPN and Misha (@mishavaughan) and definitely plan to attend.

In addition to the robotic arms, we’ll have some other cool stuff on tap. Can’t tell you what, but I think it’s cool.

OTN Lounge

As an eleventh-hour thing, we’ll also be at the OpenWorld OTN Lounge, in the Moscone South lobby, on Tuesday at 3:30 PM, and the JavaOne OTN Lounge in the Hilton, on Wednesday at 1 PM.

We’ll also be showing them to the Ace Directors in about an hour, so there’s that. Even the real-time web might not be fast enough to help you make that one though.



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