Did You See Our Work in Steve Miranda’s Keynote?

Last week at OpenWorld, a few of our projects were featured in Steve Miranda’s (@stevenrmiranda) keynote session.

Jeremy (@jrwashley) tweeted the evidence.


Debra (@debralilley) noticed too. I wasn’t able to attend the keynote, so I found out thanks to the Usable Apps (@usableapps) Storify, which chronicled “Our OpenWorld 2014 Journey.”

And today, I finally got to see the video, produced by Friend of the ‘Lab, Martin Taylor, who you might remember from other awesome videos like “A Smart Holster for Law Enforcement.”

Noel (@noelportugal) and Anthony (@anthonyslai) both play developers in the short film. Noteworthy, the expression on Noel’s face as he drives the Sphero ball with the Muse, brain-sensing headband.

Thanks to Martin for making this video, thanks to Steve for including it in his keynote, and thanks to you for watching it.



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