Get Satisfaction’s Ads

I found this nugget in Paul’s Google Reader Shared Items feed: “Get Satisfaction Launches Socialized Ad Policy“. As previously documented here, we like what Get Satisfaction does, and even though ads usually put me right into a coma, my curiosity about how ads could be “smart” (from Paul’s note in Reader) overcame me. Turns out… Read More

Help Me Plan My Week

Inspired by Eddie, who blogged his schedule for next week, and others, I decided to wade into the OpenWorld show guide to set up my week. I had planned to use the Schedule Builder, but I guess that’s not for employees. So, I started combing the Content Catalog and soon got a headache trying to… Read More

Decision 07: (more…) vs. More

Funny thing, Rich has a draft in WP called “Time to Give Jake a Break”. You’ll notice it hasn’t been published yet. We are really buried preparing for OpenWorld, so keeping this blog going has been tough. The title put me in mind of the trucking term Jake Brake. Signs like this one have puzzled… Read More

What Do You Want from Us?

Over the past month or so, I’ve watched our traffic decline, our subscirptions fall, and our comments slow to a trickle. This being New Web, I thought I’d throw a question out there: What do you want to read about here? Paul’s post on trust got loads of comments and trackbacks. The MetaLink search plugin… Read More

ASU Pilots ERP Implementation 2.0

The WSJ ran a story yesterday about Arizona State University’s Oracle ERP implementation and the unique approach they’ve taken. The university’s head technology dude, Dr. Adrian Sannier (his blog), decided to take a New Web approach to the implementation. From the WSJ: In order to avoid the cost overruns that are typical with projects like… Read More

11g Doc Makeover: Part 2

About a month ago, I blogged about the 11g R1 documentation’s Easter Egg feature, comments. At the time, I recall thinking this was a great, easy way to engage people, but wondered if anyone would a) comment or b) reply to comments. Color me surprised. Today, Steeve Bisson blogged about comments he made to the… Read More

AppsLab Events Widget

Maybe you noticed our newest widget, it’s right down there on the right, just under the Archives. If you’re too lazy to look, here’s the shot. This widget shows events that have been posted to our upcoming group, aptly called appslab. Anyone can join and use upcoming, and anyone can join and post events to… Read More

You Can Get Satisfaction

Rich created an Oracle space over at satisfaction, a startup focused on crowdsourcing customer service. Their site allows companies to give customers “people-power customer service”. I know for a fact we already have real-live people in support, but the aim here is to facilitate an open conversational approach, centered around more general issues and questions,… Read More