Do You DIY?

After spending the majority of the weekend puttering around my working garden, I find myself wondering how many of you DIY whenever you can. I have a theory that people who like hacking around with tech and starting numerous side projects in their free time also generally like doing meat-life projects themselves too. Long ago, I was… Read More

Zombies Attack Austin

With SXSW looming, Austin may need to clean up its zombie problem. I’m in a local news mood for some reason, maybe because I rewatched Anchorman last night and just ran through the video from KXAN’s coverage of a roadside sign hack from last week. Here’s the video: This made the local news here last… Read More

Washing Machine Hack!

As mentioned recently, I love geeking out and have a list of projects I’d like to work on, given the time. In comments, Matt threw out a bunch of his own to-do projects, and professed his affinity for “mating the physical world with the interwebs”. You’ve probably heard about the plants that tweet by now.… Read More