You Know You Love Email

Everyone loves to complain about too much email. But face it, you know you love it, or at least, you have a love-hate relationship. Email is today’s busy meter. You know, that measuring stick that shows how busy you are. By the way, is it uniquely American to brag about how much work we do?… Read More

Measuring Influence and Reputation

The debate about whether FeedBurner’s inclusion of FriendFeed subscribers is a good or bad thing has me thinking how to determine a person’s reputation and influence. As I keep saying, trust is the key component to New Web. Without trust, it’s difficult to build a community around anything. Reputation and influence are the next big… Read More

Implications of the 90-9-1 Rule

Last week’s post on the 90-9-1 rule was pretty popular. It bounced around Twitter and FriendFeed, and thankfully, Disqus’ Reactions feature allowed me to track comments on it. So, like any good blogger, I’m going where the traffic is. The 90-9-1 rule interests me for a number of reasons beyond the obvious applications it has… Read More

90-9-1 Rule Skews the New Web

You’ve probably heard of the 90-9-1 rule of communities, outlined here by Jakob Nielsen. If not, here’s the summary: In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action. News over the past couple weeks underscores this… Read More

More on Social Search

So, yesterday I started making the case for social search as an excellent way to find information locked away within an enterprise, and the ability to get good information from social search pays for investments in social networks. I didn’t cover much detail though. So, that’s the focus of today’s post. Social search in my… Read More

Social Search Wins

When you start talking to an enterprise crowd about social networking, inevitably someone asks for real business benefits, a.k.a. ROI. I know, hard to believe. When we first started the ‘Lab, Paul used to ask how many people have a Facebook/MySpace/LinkedIn account. Usually less than half the room would raise hands, and that number went… Read More

Like the Social Bar?

Back in December, we added the Google Friend Connect widgets. Since then, our little blog social network has grown to over 100 members. It’s still not entirely clear to me what you’d want to do with Google Friend Connect, other than affiliate yourself with a blog or website. I guess it’s also a way to… Read More

Connect API Goodness

As you probably know already, Connect is our internal social network. It’s been around a while, and we’ll soon be launching a UI redesign, as teased late last Summer. In the 18 months since we launched Connect, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of social data about people: their profiles, avatars, work experience, personal interests, and… Read More

I Got ID

Ever since the WWW came online, the consumer web has pwned the enterprise web. The consumer web is the ‘tubes at large, with all its content, bells and whistles, networking, gradients, rounded corners and flashing lights. The enterprise web is the intratubes, erm intranet, inside the corporate firewall, hidden from outsiders and often from insiders.… Read More

Facebook Hits the Mainstream

If you read here, you’re probably on the leading, if not bleeding, edge of the early adoption curve. Bit of a mixed metaphor, so let’s say early adopter scythe. Anyway, Facebook is old news. For about the last year or so, I’ve rarely logged into Facebook; I guess the sheep-throwing and incessant poking and super-poking… Read More