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We just got site analytics installed on Mix. It would have been nice to see the traffic patterns the week of OpenWorld. Sometimes duh stuff like that takes longer than anticipated, but oh well.

We’re about three weeks in, give or take a holiday, so I figured I’d check out the ideas and share some thoughts.

Most of the ideas so far have been about how to improve Mix, but oddly, the two top voted ideas are not about Mix. They’re about products. Number 1 is We need the Oracle clients (OCI, JDBC) for the Apple Intel OSX platform.


Number 2 is Compile Oracle XE for Intel OS X. Now, anyone familiar with Mix and its JRuby roots can guess why these ideas are so highly voted. In fact, Toby from ThoughtWorks added the one on compiling XE for OS X, which he’d probably been planning during the development of Mix.


The cool thing is that the most highly voted idea came from a customer. Another cool thing is that Kuassi Mensah, who runs the team responsible for building these clients responded to the idea in comments. There’s a good dialog going on there, which is exactly why we built Mix, to get customers and development talking.

Today, we’re just under 3,000 registrants, about 40% employees, which is another pleasant surprise. The fact that we have 1,100 odd employees using Mix is awesome; if you browse around, you’ll find some pretty senior people too, including VPs and Directors. More cool IMHO is that Mix is 60% non-Oracle, which means we’re reaching the community we want.

I can’t really do much aside from guess about the traffic we’re getting, but it seems like a few thousand (maybe between 3,000 and 7,000) visits each day, which isn’t bad considering the viral approach we’ve taken so far.

The flow on Mix has been steady, but it fluctuates in ways I can’t analyze. Monday was all about ideas and comments. A few people joined and immediately were active, drawing feedback from others. Tuesday was employee day; a bunch of people from Applications Strategy joined and started building their networks, some commenting. Yesterday was a little of both, and so far, today has been the same. I’m just glad to see the community grow. We’ve added about 500 people since Monday, not too shabby.

We know there’s work to do. Most of the ideas are about Mix and how to improve it, which is good. Rich and Anthony are working full-time on fixing bugs and making enhancements. So far, no one’s completely flamed us for any bugs on Mix. It’s a web app, so be gentle. Just about everybody gets that, which is awesome for us.
Here comes the plug. If you haven’t yet, check out Mix and share your brilliant ideas about Oracle and its products with the community.



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