Polishing Mix Groups

March 10th, 2008 Leave a Comment

yellowbox.pngRich and Anthony deployed a boat load of fixes and enhancements to Mix on Friday night.

I might have mentioned before the Mix is going to be used more by internal teams, so we addressed groups with this deployment for the most part.

Some of these are bug fixes that have been needed for a while, so if you’re rolling your eyes thinking “about time”, all I can say is. Noonan! If you’ve hit any of these issues previously, I’m happy to report them as fixed.

Here we go:

That’s a lot of fixes. Rich and Anthony are planning a more general approach to invites, so eventually, all invites will show both on the pending invites page and in the yellow widget box.

If you’re a Mix user, thanks and keep your eyes peeled for more new features and changes. If you’re not, join up and get some context for these posts.

Sound off about what you think of the changes, what you think of Mix, anything Mix-related in comments.

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