Suggest an OpenWorld Session Extended

The submission and voting deadlines for OpenWorld 2008 sessions have been extended. Submissions must now be received by June 30, and voting now ends July 13.

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The Events team decided that due to the popularity of the offer, it should be open longer. So, you have more time to get your session idea submitted and more time to shamelessly promote it on your blog and on Twitter 🙂

This will also give us a chance to deploy some changes to help with session filtering. Right now, Rich and Anthony are neck-deep upgrading Connect. So, we’ve not had a chance to address the problem.

Update: Rich just raised the number of sessions displayed in the Latest page and syndicated through the Latest RSS feed to 50. So, you can see a lot more below the fold on Mix, or if you’re using Topper’s voting widget, you’ll get a lot more ideas to randomize.

Stay tuned for another OpenWorld announcement tomorrow.




  1. Thanks for bumping up the number of entries guys. It looks like it also increased the paging size in Mix which personally I think is much nicer.

  2. Yup, for sessions, both Latest and Greatest show 50 items so less paging is involved. As with anything web though, I suspect below the fold content will suffer. There's no way to mitigate that though.

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