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So, yet another last-minute OpenWorld announcement, but that’s how we roll. We’re going to host an informal hackathon at the OTN Lounge during the conference.

The OTN Lounge will be in Moscone West, Third Floor, coincidentally right near the Unconference sessions, which should work out well.

So, we’re calling it informal because Rich, Anthony and I will be bouncing in and out during the conference, and we’re expecting other people will want to do the same. This is a chance to hang out with us, rock out some code, bounce ideas off people, work on a specific project, whatever.

This is super last-minute, but Justin has agreed (it’s his lounge). It might crowded at times, but rockstars hackers can work in any kind of conditions, like the Postal Service.

Sound fun, right. But what are we hacking? Here are a few ideas:

I told you about Collok yesterday, Matt‘s side-project. Well, Matt has a list of stuff he’d like to build into Collok, but a shortage of hands. So, if you want to hone your Rails skills, Matt will be there, hacking on Collok. There’s a good change your code could get deployed to Collok users during the conference. Sweet.

OpenSocial Apps
Rich and Anthony will be there as well talking OpenSocial and hacking on our Connect container. Interested in helping or learning about OpenSocial? Stop by our Unconference session Monday at 4 PM, then join in the fun at the hackathon.

Or bring your own project and rally some people to work on it.

The goal here is to hang out and work on some code in a casual atmosphere. Because there’s a conference going on too, people will be coming and going, but I plan to make this my HQ during the conference. So if you just want to chat, stop by the OTN Lounge and find me.

So, join us; we’ll be there Monday through Wednesday. We won’t be there Thursday, but don’t let that deter you from hacking without us.

See you there.



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