OpenWorld Begins

September 22nd, 2008 9 Comments

Rather than blog the events of an entire day, I’ve decided to dump my thoughts periodically.

This is more effective for me anyway, since to remember anything lately, I feel like I need to forget something else. So, a memory dump will happen eventually, better (or worse, depending) to get it recorded before the inevitable happens.

Here we go. Last night was the blogger meetup (thanks to Justin) at the Thirsty Bear. Great time had by all. I love these meetups because I get to meet people I interact withon the ‘tubes IRL.

Apparently, this OpenWorld is Dan‘s. Open. World. Dan’s tips for OpenWorld n00bs made it into Judy Sim’s keynote this morning; she also mentioned them in the employee pre-conference call last week. He’s playing dumb, but I’m beginning to wonder.

Dan did bring the best chochky of the conference so far. He had conference-style ribbons printed with pithy little sayings on them. I assume this sprang out of Collaborate in April when Dan, Floyd and others had what looked like a dozen ribbons attached to their badge lanyards. As you can see, I run with scissors and read your email, sometimes at the same time.

Other observations:

This morning, we’re off and running, hanging in the OTN Lounge. Come by and visit.

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9 Responses to “OpenWorld Begins”

  1. Dan Norris Says:

    I don't play.

    I'm pretty sure Judy wouldn't give me any props if I were an employee, though :).

    I was just as surprised as anyone about seeing my name in lights. I would have been glad to come up on stage and give my tips personally if they would have asked. But then I wouldn't have left, so probably a good choice on Judy's part.

    P.S. Hope you add chochky to your unconf preso terms…I had to look it up.

  2. Jake Says:

    The tips are solid and so is the Norris promotion engine. The bar's been set pretty high though. What do you have on tap for later in the week?

  3. Dan Norris Says:

    I'm shopping the other keynotes now to see if I can work myself into more plugs in them, but not sure how this can continue at the current rates.

  4. ontarioemperor Says:

    Perhaps you should promote the three opposing tips – barefootedness, loading up on stuff, and dehydration. Fake controversy never hurt.

  5. Jake Says:

    I would, but I don't have the reach that Dan does. Like a drop in the Norris ocean.

  6. Jake Says:

    Candlestick Park and Pac Bell Park have been switching sponsors every few years or so. Maybe it's time for Norris Park or Lambeau Field at Norris Stadium? That would spread the word.

  7. Dan Norris Says:

    Careful–Lambeau is sacred and no one should change anything about it. However, the Miller Brewery Atrium at Lambeau could be renamed without defacing the shrine that is Lambeau. 🙂

  8. Jake Says:

    “Cheeseheads everywhere enjoy a cold one at the Dan Norris Atrium at Lambeau field.”

  9. Mr Lanyards Says:

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