1Password Adds Dropbox Support

Update: The integration is fixed and working like a champ. Get version 1.0 Beta #5.2 for Android.

If you read here, you already know we’re huge fans of 1Password (@1password) and Dropbox (@dropbox).

For the uninitiated, 1Password keeps your multitude of credentials in a secure vault, and its browser plugins make them readily accessible when you’re browsing. It also can create secure passwords as you browse and add them to the vault.

1Password also has a sweet iPhone app that syncs directly with the credential vault, so you can take those credentials with you on your iPad and iPhone, and Agile Web Solutions recently added an Android app that used a copy of the 1Password Anywhere vault as its store.

Dropbox allows for file sharing across operating systems, including mobile ones. This makes it an ideal candidate for the 1Password Anywhere store. In fact, you can move your store up to Dropbox to keep it updated in a central location.

Even before the Android app dropped, dedicated 1Password users had a workaround in place using Dropbox.

Last week, I got a surprise from the Android Market, a 1Password update that included, ta-dah, native Dropbox support. The team at Agile has added Dropbox support to both their iOS and Android apps.

Here are the new pieces:

On the left, new preference for data file location, on the right, Dropbox credentials, sync

Great stuff, even though, as of right now, it’s not working on Android, which is fine. It’s beta, and I know they’ll get it fixed shortly. Agile has shown very, erm agile, development cycles. So, I have every confidence that they’ll drop a fix for the Android app soon.

Thoughts on 1Password or Dropbox or both? Find the comments.




  1. After someone at work recommended DropBox, we use it at home now. We have a PC upstairs and a mac downstairs. It's brilliant for sharing files, as we don't have the mac and PC networked. It's also a great offsite backup tool, and… it's free! Well, for up to 2gb, which I can't see us using up anytime soon. Great blog as always Jake, thanks!

  2. Thank you for reading and especially for commenting. Paul is a huge advocate of Dropbox for backups, and I tend to agree that it's worthwhile if you don't want to clutter up your life with drives. I would pay them, but I pause to remember they're a startup that could disappear, be acquired or change prices anytime.

    I hope not, but it's reality.

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