Ads Make Me Laugh

While we wait for the semantic web to serve up really targeted and useful ads, I, for one, continue to ignore 99% of the ads presented to me. But sometimes, they slip through, twice today in fact. Although they work pretty much all the time, Google Ads have turned up many failures in the past.… Read More

I Got ID

Ever since the WWW came online, the consumer web has pwned the enterprise web. The consumer web is the ‘tubes at large, with all its content, bells and whistles, networking, gradients, rounded corners and flashing lights. The enterprise web is the intratubes, erm intranet, inside the corporate firewall, hidden from outsiders and often from insiders.… Read More

Google SearchWiki

Shortly after I finished a post about a couple cool things Google has done recently, they announced that Google SearchWiki would be going public. Back in the Summer, Google teased the addition of Digg-style social features into search, and it looks like these became SearchWiki. So, what does it give you? When you’re logged into… Read More

Google Does and Knows a Lot

It’s pretty hard to keep up with all the stuff Google does. There are several blogs I know of whose only purpose in life is to cover Google. Anyway, a couple noteworthy Google announcements recently caught my attention. So, I figured I share them and collect your thoughts. Google Flu Trends announced Google Flu… Read More

Two More iPhone Apps

Another pair of iPhone apps came to my attention today, making it four for the week, and it just so happens one is brought to you by Oracle. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers Steven Chan put me on to this one, which looks like an iPhone app that surfaces a lot of the worklist notifications… Read More

Firefox Still Pwns the Field

Generally, I prefer choice in software. Intertubes browser is no different. However, in this particular category, I am an unabashed Firefox fanboy. I’ve been using it since 0.8, and it hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve tried the field, both for personal and professional purposes: Chrome, Opera, Flock, Safari, IE (all versions, 3-8), Netscape/Mosaic, even… Read More

Low Tech Wins

So, I’m speaking at the Communities Exchange conference in San Jose today, filling in for Paul. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since he announced last week that he couldn’t make it. Hence the lack of content here. Anyway, looks to be an interesting conference, only 45 attendees, small on purpose. I hope to… Read More

And More OpenWorld

Tuesday was a lighter schedule for me, but not without its drama. My geek-speak Unconference session, which continues to bounce around Indian blogs, was at 10 AM, and I arrived in the room 40 minutes in advance, JIC. Good thing because I had forgotten the Mini DVI-VGA adapter for my Macbook. For those who haven’t… Read More

OpenWorld Continues

As is typical for me, the Monday of OpenWorld was the busiest. Now that it’s over, I can relax a bit. Yesterday was an action-packed day, so let’s hit the highlights. Roll the tape. Our official session “Web 2.0 Technologies In the Enterprise: Lessons Learned, Tips, and Tricks from Oracle AppsLab” went pretty well. I’m… Read More

Rise of the Machines?

Ironically, the same day as my tongue-in-cheek post about Chrome and HAL, news that United Airlines’ stock was pummeled thanks to algorithms broke. After trying to write a short version of the story, I’m realizing it’s too complex. Here are the events in the sequence they’ve been reported by the Wall Street Journal: Late on… Read More

Back to Work

So, I’ve returned from my staycation officially, and thanks to scheduled posts, it was almost like I never left. Everyone wins. I’ve made it through several hundred emails; incidentally, would you take a job that had in its description of responsibilities: To send and receive thousands of emails each month. Just wondering, since we all… Read More

Why Is Calendar So Hard?

My recent move to Ubuntu over the long weekend has reminded me of a pet rant of mine, calendars. You’d think something so basic for every cross-section of users, from personal to every size business, would have an easy solution. But no. I’m a long time Palm Desktop user, long meaning I had one of… Read More