WhereCamp PDX Roundup

This weekend was WhereCamp PDX here in Portland. WhereCamp is another Bay Area-born unconference imported here by the great folks at Legion of Tech As you can probably guess, WhereCamp focuses on geo-geeking. It began in 2007 as a way to extend and build on conversations and topics presented at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 conference. There’s… Read More

Essential Geek-Speak Session Rescheduled

To avoid overlapping with Larry’s keynote on Wednesday afternoon, as promised, I have rescheduled my Unconference session, “Are you insulting me? Essential geek-speak, FTW!” to Tuesday morning at 10 AM in Moscone West, 3rd floor, Overlook C. If you’re interested, check out the slides on SlideShare. If you make it, stop by and say hello.

Geek-Speak Observations

By this time tomorrow, I’ll be winging my way to the Bay Area for OpenWorld. One of the first things I need to do tomorrow is race to the Unconference onsite signups in Moscone West and move my Essential Geek-Speak session to a better time, like say one that doesn’t overlap with Larry’s keynote. You… Read More

Jumping into the Unconference

The Unconference at OpenWorld continues to fill up; Tuesdays advance slot are all full, and Wednesday is quickly filling up too. I noticed Raimonds added a session last week called “Using Ruby on Rails with legacy Oracle databases” on Thursday at 10 AM. If you’re still at the conference on Thursday, I highly recommend checking… Read More

Unconference is for You

I took a look at the Unconference schedule yesterday, apropos of Ontario Emperor’s post on his own foray into Unconference territory. Have you looked lately? There are a lot of interesting sessions. These stuck out for me: Monday at 1 PM: Enterprise 2.0: What is is, and how you’ll fail. (by Brian “Bex” Huff) Tuesday… Read More

My First BarCamp

I spent portions of this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday attending my very first BarCamp, held here in Portland at CubeSpace. The origins of BarCamp are interesting; back in 2005, O’Reilly held a user-generated conference called Foo Camp that was invite only. Lots of people wanted an invite (kind of like Web 2.0 Summit, ahem),… Read More