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Heading into OpenWorld next week, there are a few tools that you can use to broadcast your experiences and consume updates from the conference.

Eddie has a great post today, detailing how to send pictures to the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Flickr group. Just send an email to future09ideas at photos dot flickr dot com. You don’t even need a Flickr account. This will work out great for people with smart (and i) phones, allowing for on-the-go citizen photo-journalism.

Eddie also reveals the unofficial Oracle OpenWorld Twitter stream. I’m not sure who set this up, but it’s very timely. Follow oow to get updates posted from the conference.

Speaking of Twitter, several attendees of the Defrag conference are using Twitter to broadcast news. Dennis provided a link (by way of Goldie) that may enable us to overcome the lack of groups in Twitter. Having a group for OOW will allow consolidation of tweets into a single stream that anyone can follow. Ideally, Eddie will hack something together tonight in his Batman hours.

Twitter is quickly evolving into a powerful information stream. Earlier, Eddie was lamenting (via Twitter of course) that there are many overlapping sessions that interest him. Not yet able to clone himself, Eddie alas cannot occupy two places at once. Why not poll the Oracle OpenWorld Twitter stream to find someone who is attending and follow that person’s tweets? Similar to what Scoble did at the OpenSocial announcement last week, you’ll be virtually attending.

Or, if you can’t attend, follow the Twitter stream or someone who is attending. Should be almost as good as being there. If you want near real-time updates, you might want to use Twitter’s tracking feature, which allows you to follow tweets containing any keyword on your cellie or via IM.

It’s funny that an application dubbed as a “mini-blogging” tool that is frequently portrayed as a way for narcissists to broadcast every detail of their mundane lives is actually a very useful information tool.

Who knew? Anyway, stay tuned for more updates on the blogger program and on tools for sharing the OpenWorld experience this week.




  1. This is excellent. I saw this shirt in a picture someone took at a conference, but couldn’t tell what it said. Great stuff.

  2. This is excellent. I saw this shirt in a picture someone took at a conference, but couldn’t tell what it said. Great stuff.

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