Welcome Anthony

I should have done this months ago. AppsLab added a new family member back in September, Anthony Lai.

If you’ve read here for long, you know we are a small team: Paul drives the bus, Rich writes the code, and I . . . blog? We realized over the summer after IdeaFactory and Connect we hits that we needed another person to give Rich a hand.

I worked with Anthony when I was in Development on several projects, always with success. He’s whip-smart and has the ability to go without sleep and not lose his mind. It’s routine to get email from him at 3 or 4 in the morning, and somehow I doubt he wakes up to send mail and goes back to bed.

So, I poached him away from David (with permission) at the first opportunity.

Since Anthony joined us, I’ve bugged him a few times to blog and/or update his profile on the About page. Apparently, he’s too busy “working” to do that stuff, so I’ve taken the liberty.

Anthony was with us at Lunch 2.0 and OpenWorld, so if you met us then, he’s the quiet one. It’s high time we welcomed him officially.

Sorry it took so long.




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