New Oracle Digg Clone

Matt Topper, a friend of the ‘Lab, launched an Oracle Digg clone on Friday at He’s using Pligg, an Open Source Digg clone, as the backend, with a nice 2.0-style front end. I could live without the ads, but I know power/ping/pipe aren’t free. We toyed with Pligg a while back when we were… Read More

Welcome Anthony

I should have done this months ago. AppsLab added a new family member back in September, Anthony Lai. If you’ve read here for long, you know we are a small team: Paul drives the bus, Rich writes the code, and I . . . blog? We realized over the summer after IdeaFactory and Connect we… Read More

Life in the Bullpen

After the divisional all-hands meeting last week and my post, I called out for anyone close to the Building 300 remodel to weigh in with comments. Someone answered the call, on an internal blog. His name is Puneet, and he’s a developer who sits in the bullpen on the 16th floor of 300, way at… Read More

Eddie’s MetaLink Search Plus

We probably have a pretty high overlap percentage with Eddie so many of you have already seen this. Still, I want to point out a sweet Greasemonkey script he published yesterday. The script expands your keyword search on MetaLink to a host of other engines: Oracle documentation, blogs, public forums and mailing lists, AskTom,… Read More

Search Tools Updated for 11g

Eddie Awad has a post today that some of you will find useful. His Oracle Bookmarklets and search plugins now support the brand new 11g R1 documentation. The Oracle Documentation search plugin I posted also includes 11g R1 now, too. For those uninitiated, bookmarklets allow you to do some pretty sweet productivity tweaks using Javascript… Read More

New Tools for Lucky Oracle Users

Yesterday, OTN released the Oracle DBA Toolbar (screenshot) for Firefox and IE. A great little tool for any Oracle DBA. Kudos to Justin and his OTN crew for delivering innovative, useful tools for our customers. Readers of this space may be sick of hearing about OpenSearch plugins, but like it or not, people find them… Read More

We’re Number 45!

Eddie Awad today posted a list of Oracle blogs ranked by Technorati Authority. AppsLab is 45 on his list. The list ranks all the blogs he aggregates using OraNA aggregator. I have embedded his Google Spreadsheet below; Eddie, I hope that’s fine with you. Tom Kyte, no surprise, is number 1. Eddie, Justin and Steven… Read More