Is Mix a Beautiful Object?

steve4.jpgI guess we’ll see. Steve Jobs joined Mix on Wednesday. No kidding, here’s his profile.

Is it the man himself? Or perhaps Dan Lyons in character? Maybe some dude named Steve Jobs who is neither the founder and CEO of Apple nor the editor guy at Forbes who used to be funny and currently is just a corporate shill?

Whomever he is, Steve did make a comment on the idea Release Instant Client for Mac Intel, one of the most popular on Mix. He says:

Has anyone considered porting Instant Client to Intel Mac? I think that would be a great idea. I’m surprised no one has thought of it in the two years since they were introduced.

Although the best comment in that idea thread has to be the one that starts with:

Oracle benefits health plan must not cover Rectal Craniectomy.

Classic, funny and true. Our benefits do not cover this procedure. I checked.

No, I didn’t.



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