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So, I have returned from vacation on Hawai’i, a.k.a. da Big Island.

Yes, it ruled, and yes, I’m suffering from post-vacation hangover. If you’re ever there and want an absolute thrill, take a doors-off helicopter ride up to the molten lava flowing at Kilauea. When the helicopter turns to your side, there’s only a shoulder belt keeping you from falling out; a pretty scary rush, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyway, I expected to return to a flood of interesting news. Maybe it’s been a slow week, or maybe I got a dose of reality. Either way, seems like very little has happened, aside from more drama in the Yahoo-Microsoft saga. I continue to marvel at how much search in Google Reader rocks; finding the precious few nuggets I dug up from Techmeme was a snap. I’m still wading through my feeds, so let me know if I missed something.

Oh yeah, almost forgot that Firefox 3 Beta 3 was released; it’s really fast and the default skin looks like Safari at least on the Mac, although I’m not sure why.

I also tinkered with TripIt some more, cracking the mystery of how to make it work with Oracle’s internal travel itineraries. Turns out TripIt does a great job even if you have to enter a trip manually. Sweet.

A lot happened on the Mix front while I was gone, with Rich and Anthony deploying some new features and changes. Those guys are not only doing a great job cranking out the new stuff and fixing bugs, but the deployments are getting more and more stable with each subsequent release. They make us look good and are a great case study of (virtual) pair programming and agile development in a production environment. Kudos.

In a testament to Rich and his content, his Monday post on the Mix changes drew this blog double its normal amount of visits. I should be updating my resume or learning Ruby right now. Probably both.

But I digress. I have two new Apps blogs to introduce: Gretchen’s Human Strategies and Anne’s Armchair Architect.

Gretchen’s focus is Human Capital Management, and the crew at TalentedApps helped convince her to join in the blogging fun. Anne is a long-time EBS architect who was pivotal in the development of several new EBS R12 features like the Accounting Setup Manager (ASM) and Subledger Accounting Architecture (SLA). David and I have pushed her to blog the information she has locked away in her head for the betterment of R12 customers everywhere.

So, welcome Gretchen and Anne. Bounce over to their blogs and add to your reader for Apps goodness straight from the source.



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