!$title$! É um bug

Or at least that’s what Google Translate says “it’s a bug” means in Portuguese.

So, maybe you noticed recently that this blog and others produced a feed item or a couple called “!$title$!”. I believe this is a bug associated with WordPress 2.6 because the timing coincided with our upgrade to 2.6.

Plus, several blogs whose feeds I read that are also WordPress blogs had the same mystery item in their feeds.

So, why Portuguese? Because I got a trackback today from a blog in Brazil pondering (I assume) what was up with the weird posts. And because that trackback mentioned us in the same breath as TechCrunch. Good company to be in if you have a blog.

Anyway, Feedburner tells me that phantom post, which doesn’t actually exist on our blog, was the third most popular item from last week, garnering 500 odd views and out-ranking posts like Congratulations to the OpenWorld Session Winners.

Further solidifying the theory that iPhone and Twitter posts are way more interesting than “stuff we do at AppsLab” posts.

Good to know.



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