Panels Experiment

I’m going to try an experiment on all of you. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt, much. I’ve just installed Panels, which is a newly launched beta service, on this blog. Panels adds, well, panels to your blog links. From their blog: With the addition of panels to your site/blog your readers are given all the… Read More

!$title$! É um bug

Or at least that’s what Google Translate says “it’s a bug” means in Portuguese. So, maybe you noticed recently that this blog and others produced a feed item or a couple called “!$title$!”. I believe this is a bug associated with WordPress 2.6 because the timing coincided with our upgrade to 2.6. Plus, several blogs… Read More

Connect as a Blogging Tool

Since we started down this road last year launching Connect to go with the IdeaFactory, one common ask has been blogs. Blogs are a cornerstone of Web 2.0, allowing anyone to publish content and anyone to participate. We discussed very early on whether we should provide a blogging platform, like multi-user WordPress or MoveableType, for… Read More

Because We Care

Here at the ‘Lab, we listen to you. When you wanted more, we gave you more. So, when I got a suggestion from Jim, I listened. Jim wanted us to provide email subscriptions to this blog, like Steven Chan does, so that he could stay informed when new content is available, on his terms. This… Read More

Puneet Strikes Again

The final installment in my “cool stuff from last week that I forgot to blog” series comes from our pal Puneet. He used our Google Reader OPML files (published on the About page) and his own to demonstrate three ways to view the subscriptions without a messy import into Reader or another feed reader. Behold… Read More

PeopleSoft Tech Blog

This must have slipped our radar — Jeff Robbins and his crew of PeopleTools experts started a blog back in October last year.  However, looks like they need some traffic sent their way.  There are a few other PeopleSoft related blogs out there.  Here are some that pop into mind: Jim’s PeopleSoft Journal — Jim… Read More

New Oracle Digg Clone

Matt Topper, a friend of the ‘Lab, launched an Oracle Digg clone on Friday at He’s using Pligg, an Open Source Digg clone, as the backend, with a nice 2.0-style front end. I could live without the ads, but I know power/ping/pipe aren’t free. We toyed with Pligg a while back when we were… Read More

It’s That Time of Year

To usher out 2007, it’s time to do the retrospective. Cue the music. Looking back on this past year elicits “wow” moments for me. This time last year, I worked in a different team, Fusion Financials Strategy; I was neck-deep in the requirements for Secure Enterprise Search integration into Apps. I lived in a different… Read More

Imitation as Flattery

Steve Chan sent me a note today asking me if I’d seen this blog, called Oracle Applications DBA APPSLab. Apparently, the blog’s owner, Famy Rasheed, was asking Steve to list his new blog on Steve’s blogroll. Steve is a very conscientious (and popular) blogger, who has been plagiarized in the past, so he was doing… Read More

Publish Your Blog to Twitter

I’ve noticed that a lot of people use Twitter to promote their blogs and the blogs of their colleagues and friends. Twitter is a social network, so this is expected behavior. I find myself clicking on the TinyURLs in tweets out of curiosity more often than not. A tweet like this one from James Governor… Read More

More on the Blog Council

Following my post Friday on the newly minted Blog Council, I got a response in comments from Andy Sernovitz, who runs the overseeing authority of the council, GasPedal. Apparently, they reached out to Oracle and Sun when the council was formed. Anyway, joining the council falls under Justin’s jurisdiction, not mine. I’m just a blogger.… Read More

More Apps Blogs

By way of Justin, it seems that Jeremy Ashley and his team are now blogging about Applications user experience at usableapps. They’ve launched a full site around user experience, including design and research articles. I expect they’ll get a lot of comments and traffic, since everyone has an opinion about UI. It leaves a lasting… Read More

AppsLab Interviewed by The Feature

Marian Crkon writes The Feature, an E-Business Suite focused blog that also sometimes features the written styling of our pal, Floyd. You can find The Feature at the always entertaining URL,, which alludes to its authors backgrounds as consultants. Coincidentally, another guest writer for The Feature is Nancy Chung, who wrote a piece on… Read More

Back from OpenWorld

Sure, I got back from OpenWorld last Thursday, but I’m only now willing to get back in the saddle and blog about it. As I mentioned to a few of the Enterprise Irregulars who attended, OpenWorld is a marathon. Imagine a full day sessions, quietly sitting and listening, tons of walking around San Francisco, meeting… Read More

A Can of Worms

If there was any remaining doubt that this blog has slipped into Seinfeld territory, I am sealing the deal by blogging about the comments on a seemingly innocent post from Friday called “Bloggers at OpenWorld“. The issue at hand is about providing recompense for time lost/expenses incurred for attendees. Here are the arguments in no… Read More