Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

I haven’t had much to say about work lately, but Rich provided a nice nugget today.

OraTweets in your Activity Log, ftw!

He integrated OraTweet, Noel‘s internal, micro-blogging app with Connect’s Activity Log.

So, now in addition to all the social activity and HR information we surface in the Log, you can also see the (Ora)tweets of your network, your groups and everyone, depending on which view you choose. If you want to reply, you can click through to see the tweet and reply.

One use case I’d like to see more often is sharing links to useful information; too frequently this is done through email. Now, you can do it with OraTweet/Connect, e.g. if I wanted to let Bill Jackson, a fellow Portlander and middleware guy, know about an interesting article I read about, say nuclear fusion, I could do that with OraTweet and Connect.

The integration of Connect and OraTweet allows our extended networks to see this fascinating article as well, spreading it much more effectively (and less intrusively) than an email could.

For now, there’s no inline tweeting, due to limitations in the API, but Rich and Noel are working on this. Rich has more plans to integrate with OraTweet, specifically reintroducing the Connect status, which got dropped when we upgraded to the Mix JRuby code line, and linking it to OraTweet.

OraTweet web app

This will be similar to what you can do with the Twitter app in Facebook, minus the duplicate storage. In other words, we’ll be using OraTweet for status. That sounds so much simpler.

So, you’ll be able to update your Connect status from the OraTweet web app, from within Connect or from IM, which Noel has working, one advantage he has over Twitter.

Just as we found with Connect, people are discovering mirco-blogging and its uses. I haven’t seen any data on OraTweet, but the activity there is pretty high considering he hasn’t done any promotion internally. Ideally, by tapping into our Connect users, he can see a spike of new usage.

Speaking of Connect, we’ve seen a steady increase of usage since the summer. I’m not entirely sure why because the community is pretty much self-maintaining now, and there still has been no official marketing. It’s all viral.

Good old hidden demand.

Any thoughts on this? Find the comments.




  1. Jake, as we have seen the “Good old hidden demand” keeps re-surfacing. OraTweet has been maintenance free too for the past few months, and yet people keep finding their way to it…

    I believe things are moving forward, thanks for all the hard work in driving innovation in a huge enterprise conglomerate such as ORCL.

  2. This is good stuff. I <3 all the hacking that goes on internally, and we're starting to find out about lots of these cool projects through Connect and OraTweet.

    Now we've got Clayton in the mix too. Looking forward to the stuff we can produce together.

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