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OG OraTweet LogoOur buddy Noel (who has a new blog) got some mainstream news coverage today from Michael Hickins at Information Weekly.

Hickins mentions OraTweet, calling Oracle as the “unlikeliest company to launch a product of this nature”, and quotes Noel in his post. Very cool indeed for Noel, whose little side project is all grown up now.

It hasn’t even been a year since I first spoke to Noel about OraTweet and blogged about how the sweet tools that are built inside the walls of Oracle are getting more exposure and are helping people do their jobs. OraTweet has been integrated with Connect for about six months, and our next release will take more steps to integrate groups across the two applications.

Friend of the ‘Lab and sometime guest blogger, Matt Topper, has an incredibly cool demo idea cooking to show how Connect and OraTweet can be used together to do real work.

Imagine that, people using a micro-blogging app and a social platform app to GTD.

Who knew?

Congrats to Noel and OraTweet.




  1. Congrats Noel – well deserved too.

    I think they have no idea of what life is like at Oracle if they think we are the “unlikeliest company to launch a product of this nature”. There are many innovators like Noel and plenty of willing early adopters at Oracle.

  2. Agreed, we have lots of creative minds working on scratching that itch. Just a matter of finding an audience, which is one thing we try to do, i.e. give an audience to cool projects.

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