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Taking a Staycation

I’m off on a staycation for a while. Since I’ll be at home, there’s a good chance it may turn into a workcation. I know it sounds weird, but the temptation to work is always there when you work from home. Sounds even crazier out loud. I’m sure the wife will box my ears if… Read More

A Wednesday Collection

After Kscope 13 and a week of staycation, I suppose I should get back to blogging. Not really much on my mind lately, so I figured a collection of links would do. You’ve been quiet lately too. Real comments have been scarce since I moved away from Disqus. I hope those aren’t related. Say hi… Read More

Follow Friday: Clay Shirky

I’ve been staycationing this week, in case you were wondering why it’s been quiet here. It’s Friday, so I thought I’d extend a Twitter tradition and do a follow Friday of my own, in longer format. At SXSW in March, Paul and I both attended Clay Shirky’s keynote, “Monkeys with Internet Access: Sharing, Human Nature… Read More

Back to Work

So, I’ve returned from my staycation officially, and thanks to scheduled posts, it was almost like I never left. Everyone wins. I’ve made it through several hundred emails; incidentally, would you take a job that had in its description of responsibilities: To send and receive thousands of emails each month. Just wondering, since we all… Read More