A Week with the Amazon Fire TV

Even though I’m more than content with the Chromecast, the Amazon Fire TV caught my eye for a very simple reason: Amazon Prime content. I’ve been buying digital content from Amazon since they launched their MP3 Store, the first place to buy music without any DRM, back in 2007, and Amazon is the only place… Read More

The Nymi Nears Production

Noel (@noelportugal) chatted with the Bionym guys at SXSW earlier this year, and I know I speak for all of us here in the ‘Lab when I say I’m very stoked to get my Nymi and start playing with it. Check out Techcrunch’s writeup and demo video. Since I can’t embed TC’s video for some… Read More

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

I’m finally harvesting my open browser tabs, sharing some of the cool stuff that has been patiently waiting to be shared with you, gentle reader. Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Chrome Remote Desktop has been quietly awesome for a few years, and Google recently extended it to Android. So now, I can troubleshoot my parents’ computer… Read More

It’s Almost Maker Week

Maker Faire Bay Area (@makerfaire) is coming up quickly, May 17 and 18, and we’re excited to be participating. Here’s the backstory on why. Ultan (@ultan) and Justin (@kestelyn) spoke at Maker Faire 2012 (video), and the Java (@java) team is a major sponsor of the Maker Faire. Unfortunately for him, Ultan won’t be around to attend, so when… Read More

What’s New with You?

It’s been a busy month around these parts. Noel (@noelportugal) and I went to the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam, Utrect, and Nieuwegein, to visit AMIS and show some of the cool stuff Applications UX has been doing. By all accounts the event was a massive success with something like 450 people visiting AMIS during the day to visit.… Read More

Take a Mobile Strategy Survey

Editor’s note: Another cross-post from VoX, this one from Julian Orr. User experience works best when you understand your users. So, help us understand you and your mobile strategy by completing this painless and fun questionnaire. What is your perspective on enterprise mobility? Tell us! By Julian Orr, Oracle Applications User Experience Is there a… Read More

A Raspberry Pi Hackday

Editor’s note: Here’s a cross-post from VoX by Friend of the ‘Lab, Kathy Miedema, about a Raspberry Pi Hackday Noel (@noelportugal) organized and ran a couple weeks ago. The basic idea was to get developers up and running on the Pi quickly and have some fun. Enjoy. New Oracle developers get a taste of Raspberry… Read More

New Robot Arm Hotness

Last year in the Fall, Anthony (@anthonyslai) and Noel (@noelportugal) wanted to get some experience with their new Leap Motion gestural controllers. So, naturally, they decided to use the Leap to control the OWI 535 robot arm via its USB interface. Shortly after they finished that, they began to complain that the OWI 535 wasn’t good enough. They conspired… Read More

Good Idea: Walking Meetings

So, it’s all David (@dhaimes) all week, or something, because here comes another post about him. This time, it’s his walking meetings that caught my eye, quite literally. I was sitting in the lobby of the Oracle Convention Center in January during the IOUC Summit, looking out the window at the 70-degree day, and David… Read More

A Roadtrip to Amsterdam

Noel (@noelportugal) and I will be heading to the Netherlands in March for a special event at AMIS. On March 18, AMIS will be hosting an OAUX (or Oracle Applications User Experience if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) Expo. The purpose of an expo, the brainchild of Misha (@mishavaughan), is to provide a… Read More

Home Automation for Christmas

So, I got some home automation for Christmas, a Nest Thermostat and a Roomba. How about you? Nest Thermostat I’ve been eagerly following the Nest since its inception, and I finally pulled the trigger, right before Google bought them. I’m not entirely sure why I liked the hockey puck so much. It’s a beautiful little… Read More

Some Random Links

I’m cleaning up all the open tabs for the holidays, so here are some nuggets I found that may or may not be interesting. Enjoy. Turkey Tweeter Hinkmond Wong of the Java Embedded Technology team did a fun Thanksgiving project, a Turkey that tweets as it cooks. It’s time for the Internet of Things (ioT)… Read More

Four Months with Chromecast

Since Google announced the Chromecast earlier this year, I’ve been stoked to see how it developed. The little device has a ton of potential, and even though Google has been a little slow to push its adoption, even slowing down the efforts of some curious developers, they do seem committed to the device. I preordered… Read More

Wearables and UX

The holiday season is in full swing now, and I’ll bet a lot of people out there will be getting some form of wearable device as a gift. Wearables is a pretty broad category, that seems to be right at the cusp of mainstream adoption. For now, it includes smartwatches, augmented reality on your face,… Read More