Comment with OpenID

Disqus announced today that its commenting widget finally supports OpenID. You may recall they’ve been quickly adding other ways to login and leave a comment, including Facebook Connect and Twitter. I applaud their support for multiple authentication mechanisms. I’ve enabled OpenID here, and as you probably know, I’m a proponent. So, if OpenID is your… Read More

OpenID: WebVisions 2009

As promised, here’s the riveting second installment of my sort-of recap from WebVisions last week. On Friday last week, I went to the OpenID panel discussion, hosted by Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb and starring Scott Kveton, vice-chair of the OpenID foundation board of directors and bacon enthusiast, Chris Messina, community advocate for OpenID, OAuth, and… Read More

Use Twitter to Leave a Comment

I’m so far behind on my reading, having been on vacation and currently attending WebVisions. Still, I noticed a post to the Disqus blog from last week announcing their support for sign-in via Twitter. You may recall they also support Facebook Connect, which I enabled back in March, and now you can also use your… Read More

Leave a Comment using Facebook Connect

Just before Christmas, Disqus announced their support for Facebook Connect. At the time I remember being a little disappointed with the decision, due to Facebook’s closed nature and what seemed like a choice for the walled garden of Facebook and against the open web (OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial). I like Disqus; they’ve been responsive when we’ve… Read More

I Got ID

Ever since the WWW came online, the consumer web has pwned the enterprise web. The consumer web is the ‘tubes at large, with all its content, bells and whistles, networking, gradients, rounded corners and flashing lights. The enterprise web is the intratubes, erm intranet, inside the corporate firewall, hidden from outsiders and often from insiders.… Read More

What’s Your GPS Do?

Yesterday, I quipped: Processing “I’m at the Green Dragon” is far easier than processing “I’m at 928 SE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR”. Unless you’re a GPS device. In which case, you and your friends should have no trouble finding each other. And lo, today via Mashable, I read about Garmin and uLocate teaming up to… Read More