How Do You Do Enterprise 2.0?

Craig Cmehil, Ethan Jewett and I had an interesting conversation (over Twitter, natch) earlier today about demand for New Web tools like Twitter, social networking, social bookmarking inside the firewall. Twitter’s 140 character limitation sometimes leads to convolution, but I think the core question was how do you approach internal demand for these tools? From… Read More

Publish Your Blog to Twitter

I’ve noticed that a lot of people use Twitter to promote their blogs and the blogs of their colleagues and friends. Twitter is a social network, so this is expected behavior. I find myself clicking on the TinyURLs in tweets out of curiosity more often than not. A tweet like this one from James Governor… Read More

Shout Out from Sweden

Johan “The Killer App” Myrberger has a nice post on AppsLab today. He says some nice things about AppsLab and how we’ve influenced his views of Oracle. This line is classic: I must admit I don’t know much about Oracle as a company. I know they have a database product, but apparently they do much… Read More

Twitter + OpenWorld and More

It seems like Twitter will be part of OpenWorld, if Eddie and I have anything to do with it. Floyd says he’s making his first foray into Twiterville at OpenWorld. He’s soliciting questions OAUG Fusion Council Panel on Sunday afternoon. So, tweet away with your questions. Tim, on the other hand, doesn’t get Twitter and… Read More

Cool Stuff is Happening

If you read this blog, you’ll know I use Twitter, as do many of the people I interact with virtually. Recently, Twitter and its use created a strange alliance that is a powerful case study for new web collaboration. This alliance made up of a person from SAP, a person from Oracle, an Oracle customer,… Read More

Sharing OpenWorld

Heading into OpenWorld next week, there are a few tools that you can use to broadcast your experiences and consume updates from the conference. Eddie has a great post today, detailing how to send pictures to the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Flickr group. Just send an email to future09ideas at photos dot flickr dot com. You… Read More