Mix Updates and New Features

Recently, even though we’ve been focusing on Connect and OpenSocial, but Mix hasn’t been standing still.

ENTP has been working to fix bugs and build features for Marketing that will be showcased heading into OpenWorld.

Last night, a slew of bug fixes and a new feature or two were deployed to Mix. If you’re a regular Mix user, you might want to bounce over and check out the new stuff, or if you’ve hit any of the bugs listed in the past, rejoice!

New Features
The shiny new feature released last night is group chat. Each group now has a persistent chat room that you can join for ad hoc conversations with anyone who happens to be there.

Also, group administrators can schedule group chats, designate panel members for the chat and invite people to attend.

To check out the chat feature, go to one of your groups and click the Upcoming Chats tab.

A less shiny, but useful new feature is the streamlining of notifications. All notifications (group invitations, network invitations, comments received, requests to join a private group, etc.) now go into your direct message inbox. You can control how often you receive an email reminder of these notifications using the new digest option on your profile.

Bug Fixes
The deploy also fixed a few nagging bugs:

  • Joining a group took a long time and if you clicked multiple times, you joined multiple times.
  • Search results included private group posts in the count, but no private items were displayed. This was a bit confusing if you didn’t have access to the private results.
  • Some questions were redirecting to the Q&A page when you clicked the link.
  • Failing to close an HTML tag inside the comment field caused some interesting behavior.
  • HTML entered into a comment was stripped out when the item showed up in the Activity Log.
  • The Activity Log wasn’t showing group information like other information, e.g. links to profiles and timestamps were missing.
  • People were able to accept invitations to private groups more than once.
  • The Activity Log on a group page wasn’t showing very interesting information.
  • Deleting messages from your direct messages inbox without opening them first caused the Inbox icon to continue to count them as unread.

Expect more frequent changes to Mix over the next few months. We had a long gap between deployments, but I think Marketing’s plan it to deploy Tuesdays and Thursdays, which should keep the new features and bug fixes flowing.

Thanks to Marketing and ENTP for working on Mix while we focus on Connect.



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