New Applications Strategy Blogs

It’s my pleasure to welcome a couple new(ish), Applications Strategy blogs to the Oracle blogosphere.

In case you didn’t know (read the About), we (AppsLab) are part of the Applications Strategy organization, so these are teams we work with frequently. Whether or not I coerced them into blogging or they saw it as a strategic way to reach out to customers, partners, interested parties and the Interwebs in general, is beside the point. Let’s say it was the latter and leave it at that.

I expect both to feature more strategic discussions than feature/function decompositions, but as you know from reading this blog, you never can tell what will happen next in a blog.

And you know you love it.

Financials strategy is run by Terrance Wampler, who blogs here when he has time. It’s a team blog, but expect to get an eye/ear full from Joe Gum, who has lots to say. Just ask him. Full disclosure: I worked with these two for years in development and came to AppsLab from Financials Strategy.

The Financials team has a boatload of experience and lots to say. Here’s to hoping they don’t pull any punches.

They started a QuickConnect group for OpenWorld, if you want to meet them or stalk them at the conference.

Projects strategy is run by Colleen Baumbach. So far, Dean Herback has handled the blogging load, or at least I assume he is ‘project_guru’. Don’t know as much about this team, but I know they ask questions and are tapped into New Web.

So, add to Reader, or if Eddie decides to help out, find their posts in OraNA.




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