Wayback Machine: 6 Months Ago

So, I’m headed off the grid for a while. In my absence, I figured I’d keep the content fresh by recycling some old stuff.

A bit ironic, but bear with me. Blogging for me is very tied to what’s happening right now.

We’ve been around for a little over two years now, but it seems like a lot longer. So, I thought it might be interesting to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on posts from the past.

As a bonus, the automagically generated, possible related posts may dig up some other new-old content you might enjoy.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and one of my esteemed colleagues will blog in my absence.


Here’s the archive from November 2008, a mere six months ago Feels like an eternity, looking over the posts.

A couple jump out as interesting.

  • Defrag08 Presentation: Paul’s presentation a Defrag 08 includes some interesting analysis of the Connect and Mix communities. Check out his slides.
  • FriendFeed Brings the Firehose to IM: Even though I struggle to adopt FriendFeed as a part of my daily routine, I love what they’re doing, especially the functionality and their design. I’ve seen an increase in people subscribing to my feed lately, so maybe they’re making headway. Hope so.
  • How to Do a Set-Top Box: This one was a funny study in how to get comments. People love their TiVos.
  • “Looks Good, Works Well”: A rare, but interesting post, from Rich, this one covers some great design principles. Design is always fun to discuss because it’s 1% functionality and 99% opinion. Or something like that.
  • Let’s Take a Legal Break: I’m fascinated and sometimes horrified by the legal precedent the courts are setting around technical issues. Maybe the new administration will address this with a technical education office or something.

Talk among yourselves.



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