It’s Been 10 Years

Ten years ago, Paul posted a brief introduction to our team and our mission.

He, Rich and I embarked on this journey in March 2007, soon to be joined by Anthony, and none of expected to be around as a team for more than 18 months max.

Photo by Jeremiah Owyang

But, here we are a decade later, having moved around between a few development teams within Oracle, settling into our home in Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) most recently in late 2012.

We’ve thrived here in OAUX, under the guidance and support of our group vice president, Jeremy Ashley, and we’ve grown from a tiny band of developers into a full-blown team, complete with research, design, product management and development.

Our mission remains the same, study emerging technologies, research their potential impact on our users, design intelligent solutions and build (and break) quickly.

And have fun along the way.

Ten years later, and I still have the best job at Oracle, thanks to an ongoing commitment to invest in innovation.

Thanks for reading. Given how much interesting content the rest of the team produces, I might not post again for another ten years.




  1. Hi Jake – it’s nice to read this decade anniversary post! Hope you’re doing well.
    I’ve enjoyed reading the blog over the years and reading all about your adventures.
    I miss your posts – I’m sure you’re too busy these days to write them though.
    Take care

  2. @Jim: Great to hear from you. I do find myself without time to write much, but the rest of the team has been taking up some of that slack. We’ll try to keep the adventures coming.

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