Blogger Program Renewed for OpenWorld 2008

June 13th, 2008 25 Comments

OOW08I’m pleased to announce that Oracle is renewing the blogger program for OpenWorld 2008, which will be held at the Moscone Center in beautiful San Francisco, September 21 through 25, 2008.

Most of the operational details are the same as last year:

Update (6/16): I have been led to believe that for blogs that do not obviously fit the “about Oracle, enterprise software, Enterprise 2.0″ criterion that I will be in the loop to make a call. I won’t be applying any bias to my decisions.

For the record, from what I saw last year, there was no bias toward pro-Oracle bloggers or perceived influence. The goal, as I’m told, is to encourage attendance and coverage from all bloggers, regardless of influence or stance re. Oracle.

Listen folks, I do what I can.

This year there are a few differences:

Interested? Register here. If you’re an Oracle ACE with a blog, Justin has your back. There may be a way to get the coveted blogger ribbon and show off your 2.0 savvy, even if you’re already attending in another capacity.

Questions, concerns, complaints? You know what to do.

Based on last year’s extended conversation, I hope it’s not an omen that we’re announcing this on Friday the 13th.

Update: Looks like the registration form doesn’t have a field for blog URL. So, do a solid and please enter your blog’s URL into the Company field.

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25 Responses to “Blogger Program Renewed for OpenWorld 2008”

  1. Irregular Enterprise mobile edition Says:

    [...] on from last year, Oracle has a blogger track for its OpenWorld event. Jake Kuramoto has the details: Most of the operational details are the same as last [...]

  2. Ameed Taylor Says:


    A couple of the Enterprise Irregulars who were at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston this past week were curious about what form the Blogger Program for OOW would take so this is good timing. I will pass word around for folks to sign up.

    Also count me in as Blogger this year also:)

  3. Jake Says:

    Justin is handling the credentials for ACEs. So, he's got you covered. Thanks for the promotion.

  4. ontarioemperor Says:

    Slightly off topic, but our local ACE has already received an email regarding waiver of registration fees.

  5. Jake Says:

    Right ACEs already have registration covered from what I understand, so there's no incentive to register as a blogger other than getting the coveted credential ribbon to stick on the badge.

    Ribbons are like tags, the more you have, the more attributes you can show on your badge.

  6. Floyd Says:

    So how about some more details on that blogger credential for ACEs thing? I want a nifty blogger ribbon!!!

  7. Jake Says:

    I think we should do an informal contest for giggles to see who at OOW can have the most ribbons. Dan had a nice collection at COLLABORATE, maybe 6 or so.

    Justin is your guy for details.

  8. davidhaimes Says:

    ribbon envy is always rife at OOW, I'd like to have a blogger one for my collection too. Some ribbons require more work than others, I have tried to avoid the 'demogrounds' ribbon because that is the hardest job at the conference for me (and in some ways the most rewarding), speaker is no walk in the park either.

  9. Jake Says:

    Ribbons are like quests achieved. It's conference gaming.

  10. Dan Norris Says:

    See me at OOW…I'm hoping to have some custom ribbons printed up if I can find a place to do them. Send me suggestions. My first ribbon idea: “I read Jake's (er, AppsLab) blog.” Discuss.

  11. Jake Says:

    How about “My eyes are up here” for way at the bottom.

  12. Jake Says:

    I do find it interesting that none of the comments (except Ameed's) are about the actual program itself.

  13. Tim Says:

    Im thinking of taking blog 'ribbons' to a whole new level. Printing t-shirts on line is pretty cheap now so Im gonna have a 'Got BIP Blog?' shirt with URLs emblazoned in large letters!

  14. Jake Says:

    I saw a shirt about a year ago with a whole mess of 2.0 sites listed in small type in 3 columns, front and back, with blank lines for account name or ID.

    Update: Guess it was only social nets and only the front, but still funny:

    OOW registrants could get one for all the attributes and interests, better than a badge.

  15. Dan Norris Says:

    David started it (<in a junior high voice>). I'm such a follower sometimes.

  16. Jake Says:

    Of course he did. Just an observation.

  17. Floyd Says:

    I'm still working toward building a loin cloth out of conference ribbons…

  18. Jake Says:

    That should be the goal for OOW ribbons. Hey, you had some relevant commentary on Dennis' post. Care to share it here?

  19. davidhaimes Says:

    If I jumped off a cliff would you do it too?
    (<in stern teacher voice>)

  20. Dan Norris Says:

    I dive with sharks. Cliffs are a little tame, but sure, why not. :) As I said, I'm a follower (sometimes).

  21. Floyd Says:

    Sure. I really liked the step Oracle made last year with engaging bloggers at OOW. I hope the program evolves to increase the level of that engagement this year…I'm looking for Oracle to take additional, incremental steps for OOW 2008 that will serve to increase the engagement of bloggers.

    In that vein, I was disappointed to hear that Oracle won't be covering travel expenses for bloggers attending OOW this year. Doing so would be a great move to increase the interaction between Oracle and bloggers. I know this is only one aspect of the blogger invitation program, so there may be other areas where we take steps to increase the engagement…I'm just disappointed we failed to make progress on this particular point.

  22. Jake Says:

    I'll look forward to your thoughts in a blog post :) I'm not in charge, but I think T&E is not negotiable. Other suggestions would be welcomed, I'm sure.

    Wow, threaded view breaks down a bit as you get further down the thread.

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