The Oracle People iPhone App is Here

February 4th, 2009 254 Comments

Oracle People iPhone app Update: There is a new version of this app, Oracle People2. It supports iOS 4 and 3.x. See the details here. As before, drop a comment here or on the newer post to get the details from me.

With many thanks to Clayton Donley who built the app with help from Rich, Anthony and Noel, I give you the Oracle People iPhone app.

I’ve been teasing this app for nearly two week, and it’s finally approved and ready for general consumption. If you’re interested (and work for Oracle), drop a comment with your email address, or email me for the download location.

Contact info obfuscated to protect the innocent, i.e. meSo, what does it do, and why is it a big deal?

The app came from a really basic use case. Employees need the ability to search for other employees while on the go to contact them. Easy stuff, right?

Not so much actually due to the requirements for VPN and the mobile browser limitations. Sure, we have ways to get inside the Oracle firewall, but they’re not very mobile-friendly.

Clayton began with this in mind, and his implementation of VPN and OSSO is very user-friendly, at least compared to doing the same tasks in Safari. By the way, if you get annoyed at entering your credentials, that’s a security requirement, not a part of the app.

So, you can find people, and when you do, the app uses Connect API goodness to show you the person’s profile and Connect activity. The profile actually combines the person’s Connect and corporate directory profiles into a single view. Tapping the person’s phone number/s open the Phone app; tapping the person’s email address opens the Email app.

Pretty sweet, but wait, there’s more.

Create/Modify contact in your iPhone address book, invite to network, tweetYou can add the person to your iPhone’s address box or update an existing contact. This is a huge time saver because it populates the fields that you’d normally have to type in yourself. Brilliant. And, you’ll get a profile picture too, if the person has one.

In addition, you can invite the person to join your Connect network and send an OraTweet if you like.

Many people have IM IDs entered too; I haven’t tested this, but at some point, I can see the addition of tap-to-chat. Rich found a way to add his geocode, and we’re already pondering ways to update that from the iPhone. There are loads of geo features we could add, which would open a huge amount of cool features to road warriors. Stay tuned.

Comment on your activity logBeyond all the contact stuff, the app also surfaces a lot of Connect’s functionality to your iPhone. You can view your network (Connections) and various activity logs, and you can reply and comment on items in your activity logs, by email and by OraTweet.

There’s a lot in there.

People Involved
About Oracle PeopleAs I mentioned, this app is a joint effort. It’s also a great example of harnessing the talent of hackers for a really useful result. Clayton worked on this app in his free time, as did everyone else involved. The data flow between several systems inside the firewall via open APIs and RSS.

We’re seeing a lot more demand for this type of functionality internally, and Rich and Anthony have formalized API specs for Connect data to help people develop their own special side projects. Noel has an API for OraTweet as well.

So, if you have a project or want to scratch an itch, let us know.

Hit up the comments if you want the information about the Oracle People iPhone app. Remember to use your email address.

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254 Responses to “The Oracle People iPhone App is Here”

  1. Samer Akkoub Says:

    Kindly send me the app link
    Samer.akkoub @

  2. The History of Oracle Connect « oracle fusion identity Says:

    […] SDK, Clayton Donley (@cdonley) combined several internal services, including Connect, into the Oracle People app for iPhone, another side project, and the first iPhone app Oracle employees could use to access data stored […]

  3. Christen Says:

    Please send me the link to Thanks.

  4. Ali Reda Says:

    My name is Ali Reda working for Oracle in Kuwait need to install the application to work with Iphone ios5 please let me know how to get the file. And my number is 0096597248832 thank you

  5. Frederick Lee Says:

    Pls send me the link to download this app  frederick.lee at oracle-dot-com

  6. Antoni Chang Says:

    Can send the link to me ?

  7. Kevin Says:

    Is the app still up? It doesn’t seem to work anymore 🙁

  8. Kevin P Says:

    Please send me the updated app.

  9. Jake Says:

    Clayton sent an update to the mailing list over the weekend. Looks like he needs to make a change, in addition to the annual provisioning file update. Hang tight, when he has an updated fix, I’ll have the details. I’d send them to you, but you didn’t leave a valid email address 🙂

  10. Tim Birch Says:

    Hello, does this app also work on an iPad? I’ve downloaded Oracle people 2 onto my iPad but im unable to get it to work. If I type a name into the search box provided no results come up. Please advise many thanks

  11. Jake Says:

    It’s a universal app, so it does. I run it on iPad. I’ll have to check the latest version to see if it’s working. I saw some chatter on the mailing list about this, and it looks like Clayton is investigating.

  12. James Allerton-austin Says:

    Hey. This app was great until 2 weeks back when it stopped after the profile expired. 🙁 please can you share the update to get it working again? James dot allerton-Austin at oracle dot com. Thx JAA.

  13. Sergey Volnushkin Says:

    Pls send the link from where I can install it on iPad.

  14. Jake Says:

    There was a bug introduced by a change to the internal directory system, will send the link to the new version.

  15. TD Says:

    Hi Jake, can you please send me the new link trish.depasquale at

  16. Frederick Lee Says:

     Any update on how to refresh the provisioning profile? thanks frederick.lee at oracle-dot-com

  17. Satch Says:

    Hi is it possble to get the new link please my version stopped like others.

  18. Sermed Says:

    Hi How could I get a link to the app? I am an Oracle Employee and this would be an amazing tool on the go…

  19. Paula Arias Says:

    Hi, My app is no longer working on my iPhone or iPad. I work at Oracle Colombia, could you please send me the link to the updated version of this app? paula.arias.donato at Thanks a lot!!

  20. Jayanth Says:

    I am interested in this cool app please send me the link

  21. Raul Goycoolea Seoane Says:

    Hi, great work. I will like to understand how you are managing the VPN and SSO functionalities. As well the Connect and OraTweet APIs. Any information is welcome.

  22. Fred Lee Says:

    Love the people app! I recently got a note that my Provisioning Profile expired – now i cant access the app – any advice? Frederick.lee at

  23. Robert Tornai Says:

    Hi could you please send a link to this app? thanks! robert.tornai at

  24. TAREK Says:

    Hi, could you please send me the link to your great app.

  25. Muthu Says:

    Great work guys.

    Download link pls.

  26. Pam Y Says:

    Please let me know the URL

  27. Mark Miller Says:

    …please send me the link too. Thanks

  28. Sezgin Says:

    Can you please send me the download link of this fantastic small app?

    Thanks and regards

  29. CDC Says:

    Can you send me the link please. Thank you

  30. pars Says:

    Can u plz send this app?
    i want this for testing purpose

  31. Jake Says:

    @pars: Sure if you can provide your valid email address.

  32. Henk Says:

    can you send me the download location details

  33. Frank Says:

    Is there an IOS 7 version of People2, or something more recent than v235?

  34. Dee Piziak Says:

    please send link to new app. my old one stopped working. thanks !

  35. Dee Piziak Says:

    sorry – dee.piziak at

  36. Monika parrish Says:

    Help. This app works great but my provisioning profile expired for my iphone5. What are the steps to make it work again? Monika.parrish at

  37. AD Says:

    Can I get the link too?

  38. pcombs Says:

    Can you send me the new app? I lost the old one with phone change, thanks.

  39. wei hong zhang Says:

    Please let me know the URL for this app

  40. wei hong zhang Says:

    Please let me know the URL for this App.



    Please let me know the URL for this App.


  42. stuart medhurst Says:

    Please send the latest link to download if still available. Best Regards

  43. Kevin Brayne Says:

    Could you also send me the link if it is still available. Thanks

  44. Guillermo Says:

    Please send the latest link to download if still available. Best Regards

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    Please send the latest link to download if still available. Best Regards

  46. Frank Says:

    Hi can you send me this app at frank.wu at

  47. Matthieu Says:

    please forward the link. Thanks

  48. Jean Says:

    I upgraded my phone and the app disappeared. The link I saved previously no longer works. Is there an updated link? Thanks!

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  50. Hans Hughes Says:

    Please send the download info …

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