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September 14th, 2010 Leave a Comment

We just found out today that our OpenWorld session has been moved to Marriott Marquis Golden Gate C1. So, same venue, different room. If you plan to attend, make a note.

Actually, they’ve moved us to a much smaller room, about a quarter of the original room’s size. I guess our session isn’t very popular for preregistrations. Oh well, the smaller room will provide a cozier environment for questions and answers.

Of course, we weren’t able to change the session title and abstract from Paul’s (@ppedrazzi) original proposal, so maybe this isn’t an accurate representation on our content.

If you don’t feel like clicking through, here’s the skinny. The session appears in the Schedule Builder as “Web 2.0 Versus Enterprise 2.0: Lost in Translation; S313346,” but here’s what you’ll really be getting Rich (@rmanalan) and Anthony (@anthonyslai):

WebCenter: A Web Developer’s Playground

Schedule:  Tuesday, September 21, 5:00PM

Venue/Room: Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate C1

HTML5, REST APIs, JavaScript, JSON, Canvas, SVG… If you’re familiar with those terms, you’re probably a Web Developer.  In this session, you’ll see how Oracle’s WebCenter can be a Web Developer’s playground.  We’ll dive deep into how we utilize WebCenter’s REST APIs to build new age web apps and browser extensions.  Learn from Oracle’s internal WebCenter team and expert Web Developers.

Also, I mentioned that our WebCenter Chrome extension might be available for a test drive in the WebCenter demopods. Here are locations of the Fusion Middleware pods, including the WebCenter ones. They’re all in the Moscone West exhibit hall.

Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite 11g 3363
Imaging and Content Management for Applications 3365
Oracle Universal Content Management 11g 3367
Oracle Content Management for Business Process Management 3369
Oracle Universal Records Management 11g 3370
Oracle On Track Communication: Media-Rich Collaboration 3371
Oracle Beehive: Connect and Collaborate Securely and Privately 3372
Building Enterprise Portals Using Oracle WebCenter Portal 3373
Using Oracle WebCenter Portal to Deliver Modern Portals 3374
The Ultimate Experience: Oracle WebCenter Personalization 3375
Evolving from Oracle and Sun Portals to Oracle WebCenter 3376
Building Departmental Portals with Oracle WebCenter Spaces 3377
Oracle WebCenter: Social Networks, Mashups with Mobile Access 3378
Enterprise 2.0 for Applications 3379

I’m not sure if they’ll all be sporting the Chrome extension, but once you land there, have a look around at all the pods. You can soak in all the WebCenter goodness.

If you’ll be at OpenWorld and want to meet up with us, we’ll likely be huddling in the OTN Lounge or possibly off site somewhere, if it gets too crazy. Follow us on Twitter (@anthonyslai, @jkuramot, @rmanalan) if you want updates on what we’re doing, or drop a comment.

See you in San Francisco.

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