CommunityOne 2008

Those of you looking to beat the Monday blues (this coming Monday) should come out to CommunityOne 2008 in San Francisco. I’ll be part of the Ruby panel that’s being chaired by Tim Bray. Should be a good event. Best part… IT’S FREE!!! The Ruby panel I’m on will be joined by Mark Driver, Gartner,… Read More

OpenWorld 2008 Registration Opens

W00t! Registration for Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is officially open. The massive conference is back in its Fall timeslot, September 21-25, 2008 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This year’s shindig will include large doses of Mix, as previously teased. We’re planning to deploy some new features built by our friends at ENTP later this… Read More

Web 2.0 Expo Review

The whole ‘Lab gathered in San Francisco last week to attend the Web 2.0 Expo, which explains why the content here has been stale for a week. After a Monday huddle with Rich to plan the upgrade of Connect, our internal version social network and idea site to the Mix code line, we headed to… Read More

Data Visualizations

After a slow Twitter weekend, I stumbled across a new Twitter tool, TwittEarth, via Mashable. This is a beautiful representation of Twitter’s public timeline, similar to twittervision, but with goofy avatars in 3D. It reminds me a lot of the work stamen design has done with Digg, e.g. arc. The visualization shows how many people… Read More

What’s Next?

Lately, our plans have started coming into focus. If you read here, you probably know we built Mix with ThoughtWorks back in November. Since January, Marketing has been making plans to use Mix a lot more heavily, starting with this year’s Openworld. Yesterday, I told you about the project and the new direct messaging feature… Read More

Mix Messaging

Some of you have already noticed that we released a brand new feature to Mix on Monday, direct messaging. To use direct messaging, either click the inbox icon in the top right navigation, or click the link in the inbox widget on the front page. You can only message people in your network of contacts,… Read More

Collaborate Days 1 and 2

So, I blogged Sunday’s events up to the ACE Dinner, organized by Vikki Lira and held at Panzano in downtown Denver. Paul and I were graciously invited to mix and mingle with the ACEs and ACE Directors. Dan, Matt, Ameed and Floyd were all there. Plus, I got to meet Bex, Linda, Steven, John, George,… Read More

Rocky Mountain, Hi

Tomorrow, I’m headed to Denver for Collaborate 08. My schedule is pretty sparse, so if you want to hang out, tweet at me during the conference. Or if you prefer email, that works too. I started to collect all the blogs about all the sessions people are holding, attending, recommending at Collaborate, but I soon… Read More

Yahoo-Microsoft Endgame?

I blogged about the Yahoo-Microsoft soap opera when it first began. I expected it to end pretty quickly, with Yahoo realizing they couldn’t go it alone anymore. Since then, rumors have swirled and now the plot is as thick as mud. News Corp has gone from savior to Microsoft conspirator, and Google is still lurking,… Read More

AppsLab: Year One

A year ago was my first day at AppsLab. Paul and I huddled (virtually) to talk about plans for the team. It was exciting stuff. We had a unique opportunity to operate like a startup within the bowels of a huge corporation. We had simple plans that I used a mnemonic device to remember, the… Read More

Facebook Launches Chat

Over the weekend, I noticed Facebook had enabled chat for my account. Apparently, they’re rolling it out slowly to specific networks, so finding someone online to chat with is a bit challenging. I did manage to have a quick coversation with my college buddy Paul who also works at Oracle in the WebCenter development team.… Read More

Back to the Desktop

Taking the web out of the browser has been a common theme lately. As web apps become more a part of everyday productivity, accessing them outside the typical browser is more attractive. The iPhone has a great example of this in its Maps app. The beauty of taking apps out of the browser is you… Read More

What Superhero Are You?

If you don’t use Twitter or find it trivial and annoying, stop reading. This post will only cement what you already think. I can’t be sure, since Twitter happens to be down for scheduled maintenance right now, but I first heard from Dennis Howlett that this week was superhero week on Twitter. Later in the… Read More