Too Busy to Innovate

I had a conversation with a product manager over IM today that got thinking big thoughts about stuff, you know, like Paul does. I’ve known this PM dude for years and worked with him while I was in development. Great guy, with massive doses of cynicism and negativity, at least when it comes to work.… Read More

Our First Podcast

I was recently asked by Justin Kestlyn of OTN fame to participate in a techcast. It’s a short conversation around AppsLab, our charter and gives some insight into our projects and what we are all about. Take a listen if interested. -Paul

Cage Match: Google vs. Facebook

While Yahoo has spent time and energy over the past year and a half trying several times to talk Facebook into a merger, Google has been curiously silent. Until, they recently snagged Brad Fitzpatrick from Six Apart. Fitzpatrick, known for founding LiveJournal and selling it to Six Apart, wasted no time laying down the gauntlet… Read More

A New Day

I woke today to a wave of coverage on our little Connect project from ZDNet, namely Dennis Howlett, Michael Krigsman and Larry Dignan. I will spend today riding this wave, hoping not to eat it. Interlude After we went alpha, we needed a name for our little project. In true new web fashion, we offered… Read More

Oracle Gets Social

Here on the AppsLab team we have always been big believers in the power of people as a design point in applications. My personal background is in the portal space, and for years we preached people-centric. In those days, it meant a user had a configurable homepage with all the content they cared about in… Read More

Thank You Readers!

We crossed a few milestones or recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. We launched this blog June 1. Today: Feedburner says we have 208 readers. That number fluctuates wildly, but we’ve held your attention better lately, getting from 100 to 200 in a fraction of the time it took to get to… Read More

My iPhone Review

After a month, the torrent of iPhone reviews has begun, so who am I to miss a chance to jump on the bandwagon. Actually, a reader suggested that I blog about the iPhone as a business tool, and I know that a lot of people out there either have one or are sorely tempted to… Read More

Death of an Inbox

In a comment on my first post about the slow death of email as a communication medium, Julie asked: I guess you are talking about email in the context of personal communication rather than business? What are your thoughts on IM for business use, as a replacement for email? My position is that email is… Read More

Interesting . . .

By way of O’Reilly, this is cool, if you like data visualization. Internet Architects, a Japan-based design firm, maps “the 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective” to the Tokyo metro system, complete with placement symbolism for insiders. Another tidbit from last week, is this article from… Read More