A New Day

I woke today to a wave of coverage on our little Connect project from ZDNet, namely Dennis Howlett, Michael Krigsman and Larry Dignan. I will spend today riding this wave, hoping not to eat it.


After we went alpha, we needed a name for our little project. In true new web fashion, we offered our users the chance to name the new network. Here are some of my favorites:

  • oracut (Like orkut, this one made me laugh.)
  • redbook
  • ora souls (This one made me laugh. Oracle is harvesting our souls?)
  • ogle (This one also made me laugh, like what Facebook really is for some.)
  • oratitude (We don’t have a ‘tude at Oracle, do we?)
  • Oracle Dhosth (Dhosth is an Indian word meaning friends.)
  • OracleHome (This was my favorite, a great old school reference.)
  • ostrato
  • o degrees
  • who (Like the Unix command of course.)

I did enjoy Tim‘s comment on the name:

Gotta say, after all these cool names, ‘Oracle Connect’ is a tad lame.

1. Its got ‘Oracle’ in the name, we knows its Oracle.

2. ‘Connect’ is so danged obvious, this is web 2.0 we needed something vague and interesting that trips off the tongue and and you can mention at the coffee machine ‘ hey, have you seen ‘XXXX” ,’whats that then?’, etc.

Still, its your app, your choice :o)

Maybe that’s the real Enterprise 2.0, open up for collaboration, then do whatever you want.

Update: Reading this again, I can see it’s not clear that we have chosen the name Connect. I just wanted the clever names to get some airtime.




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