11g Doc Gets a New Web Makeover

Yesterday, I blogged about 11g updates to documentation tools that Eddie and I have written. I just noticed that Justin has a post about the 11g documentation as well. Apparently, each page now features comments at the bottom. I had to check this out for myself, and sure enough, here it is.


Don’t believe it? Go to the 11g R1 documentation library and pick a topic and head for the bottom of the page.

This is actually a much bigger deal than external observers like Dennis or Vinnie will think it is. Those of us who have worked in product development for while understand how difficult it was in the past to get documentation changed. More importantly, this opens up a huge opportunity for customers to steer the documentation in the right direction.

So, like Justin, I applaud the documentation team for their efforts, and I hope comments will quickly be rolled into the documentation. This small feature should go a long way. Ideally, the comments will be indexed along with the content, which will make search plugins like the ones Eddie and I wrote more powerful.




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