More Fixes for Mix

mixbeta.jpgWe’ve had some growing pains lately here at the ‘Lab. As more people use Mix, Anthony and Rich have more to fix and tweak, which forces us to balance the enhancements we want to make with bug fixes and critical changes. The people use Mix and Connect, the more they want these apps to do.

This is great for us as evangelists because it means people are starting to get New Web, and they like what we’ve built. It’s also challenge for us because we want to build new features, but maintenance takes away a large chunk of our bandwidth. Ah yes, now I remember the Gordian Knot of product development.

We’re getting to be a real-life product team, and Mix is nearing 100,000 visits since OpenWorld. So, we’ve decided to deploy fixes and new stuff each week, toward the end of the week. So, here’s a dump of last week’s fixes.

  • The tag view now shows any groups that share the tag, e.g. the tag “mix” shows ideas, groups, user profiles and questions tagged with “mix”, as well as a stream of anything tagged with “mix”.
  • The pagination for the idea views “from my network” and “from my groups” was generating raw HTML. That’s fixed.
  • Spacing and other UI issues with Safari, Opera and IE have been fixed.
  • Several IE-only UI issues have also been fixed, including the dropdown list on the People page. People “In my network” and “In my groups” are now working again.
  • Tags with special characters, e.g. “pl/sql” are now working.
  • Email notifications are now automatic for ideas and questions, i.e. when someone comments on an idea or question you created, you’ll get an email. Opt in/out is coming, as are notifications for groups and profiles, and so is RSS, in case you’re wondering.

We still have loads to do, and a full plate of changes to make. Our focus tends to change on a weekly basis, but at least for now, making groups more powerful and engaging is the focus of our enhancements.



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