On Ties

The term social networking, like blog, has a fluffy connotation. Because its adoption began with young people through MySpace, many people assume that social networks are toys and time-sinks. Actually, they are correct on both accounts. However, as working stiffs like yours truly and people who understand us immerse ourselves in social networks, new uses… Read More

A River of Information Runs Through It

Recent coverage (NYT, Mashable) of FriendFeed reminded me of discussions we’ve had about Connect features. Basically, FriendFeed applies the Facebook News Feed feature to the entire Interwebs, or at the 23 services they integrate with today. You have a(nother) network of friends. Everyone posts stuff to the FriendFeed, which aggregates the posts into a river… Read More

More from the ASU ERP Implementation

Following last week’s coverage of the Arizona State ERP implementation, the Dr. Adrian Sannier, the University Technology Officer, has responded in his blog. It’s an interesting read. He points out that the mainstream coverage has focused primarily on the Payroll problems the new system had, which is understandable; it’s human interest, and yeah, it totally… Read More

On Social Apps, Trying Again

So, Billy and I had a whimsical dust–up over the differences (or lack thereof) between our approaches to the enterprise-ification of New Web. A few other voices chimed in too. Right, wrong, indifferent, it’s been a slow week. Mr. Long Tail, Chris Anderson, posted an entry yesterday that hits the core of the differences between… Read More

ASU Pilots ERP Implementation 2.0

The WSJ ran a story yesterday about Arizona State University’s Oracle ERP implementation and the unique approach they’ve taken. The university’s head technology dude, Dr. Adrian Sannier (his blog), decided to take a New Web approach to the implementation. From the WSJ: In order to avoid the cost overruns that are typical with projects like… Read More

Moar Power!

Because it’s been a slow day, topic-wise, I figured why not blog my response to Billy’s response to my post on his post. This is how the blogosphere stays alive, feeding on itself. Plus, I don’t trust the comments. Billy’s making nice, saying the right things, e.g. “This misses the point or maybe my point… Read More

Power to the People 2.0

Billy Cripe, of the Fusion ECM (Enterprise Content Management) team threw us a trackback today for my bit on social apps. Billy came Oracle in the Stellent acquisition, and he’s 2.0 savvy. His status in Connect is DONT TASE ME BRO, alluding to the latest meme floating around the Interwebs. I started to write a… Read More

Faceforce = Creepiness + Spam

I’ll start by saying what I like about Faceforce, the unofficial mashup between Salesforce.com and Facebook. It’s a great example of ad hoc collaboration between two companies in what seems to be an unofficial way. Clara Shih, an AppExchange Product Manager at Salesforce.com and Todd Perry, a software engineer at Facebook, built this integration. It’s… Read More

11g Doc Makeover: Part 2

About a month ago, I blogged about the 11g R1 documentation’s Easter Egg feature, comments. At the time, I recall thinking this was a great, easy way to engage people, but wondered if anyone would a) comment or b) reply to comments. Color me surprised. Today, Steeve Bisson blogged about comments he made to the… Read More

AppsLab Events Widget

Maybe you noticed our newest widget, it’s right down there on the right, just under the Archives. If you’re too lazy to look, here’s the shot. This widget shows events that have been posted to our upcoming group, aptly called appslab. Anyone can join and use upcoming, and anyone can join and post events to… Read More

You Can Get Satisfaction

Rich created an Oracle space over at satisfaction, a startup focused on crowdsourcing customer service. Their site allows companies to give customers “people-power customer service”. I know for a fact we already have real-live people in support, but the aim here is to facilitate an open conversational approach, centered around more general issues and questions,… Read More

Gimme Your Lunch Money 2.0

Justin rightfully broke this story, and kudos to him for making it happen. Justin gets a lot of flack from bloggers and 2.0 types because he’s one of the voices of Oracle in the blogosphere. To his credit, he’s done more to turn the ship than any of us, while simultaneously get beat up internally… Read More

Trust No/Every One

A couple recent nuggets reminded me of Paul’s post on trust and underlined the reasons why Web 2.0 can never be Enterprise 2.0. With Connect, we’ve come upon a new (at least to us) dimension of the social network, i.e. the explicit trust created by working together. Paul says: When we inject trust into the… Read More

Time for Questions

So, I noticed tonight that Google Reader was displaying a more accurate number of unread items for each feed and folder. To be exact, it was a factor of ten more accurate, showing 1000+ and true counts for everything less than 1000. Then, while writing this entry, it went back to the old style, 100+… Read More

Why Bans Don’t Work

Effectively immediately, nothing will be banned. The Summer of Facebook has brought a new list of social network (sorry Mark, social utility) bans, as well as some fuzzy research on the cost of social networking. Some interesting points: Does anyone really believe that Facebook alone costs the Australian economy $5 billion? The Sophos study says… Read More

Driving Innovation, Get It?

Recently, Paul was telling me about a conversation he had with an internal product team about Connect. The conversation went something like this: Product Manager: We love what you’re doing with Connect, and we want to learn more about it. Are your design documents online? Paul: We don’t have any design documents. PM: How did… Read More