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OraTweet Ready for Flight

I mentioned a few weeks ago that OraTweet, Noel‘s mirco-blogging package built in APEX, would soon be released to the public after he made some tweaks to get it production-ready. Today, he unveiled it. You can download OraTweet here. It’s provided free of charge, as-is, and requires Oracle 10g or 11g and APEX 3.1.x or… Read More

OraTweet Leaves the Nest

First off, thanks for hanging in there while I caught up on my R&R. I came back today to hear the happy news that OraTweet will soon be available to anyone who wants to give it whirl. Noel is prepping the final package for distribution, but if you’re interested now, head over to and… Read More

OraTweet in the News

Our buddy Noel (who has a new blog) got some mainstream news coverage today from Michael Hickins at Information Weekly. Hickins mentions OraTweet, calling Oracle as the “unlikeliest company to launch a product of this nature”, and quotes Noel in his post. Very cool indeed for Noel, whose little side project is all grown up… Read More

RIP Oracle Connect

Blogging and long-form content seem so tedious to me nowadays, but if you’ve read here for a while, you’ll recall that I used to post several times a week. One of the reasons I’ve kept this blog running in the era of ever-shorter content is that it keeps a historical record of this team’s work and… Read More

Social at Oracle Recap

In case you missed it, the WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog has been featuring stories about Social at Oracle this week. These are five stories about how teams at Oracle use social for everyday work stuff; there are more that would be fun to read, and maybe someday, they’ll do another week or two. Anyway, here’s a… Read More

The History of Oracle Connect

Editor’s note: This is cross-posted from the Oracle WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog for posterity. Stay tuned to that channel for more stories about social at Oracle. Peter’s (@peterreiser) tribute to SunSpace has inspired me to tell the story of Oracle Connect, Oracle’s internal social application. Social enterprise is all rage now, and this trend has grown out of… Read More

On the Oracle Social Network

In yesterday’s afternoon keynote, the Oracle Social Network was officially announced. Check out friend of the ‘Lab Peter Reiser’s (@peterreiser) coverage for details. A few of you who’ve been reading here for a while have asked if this new product is any part of the socials apps we built and operate internally, Oracle Connect and… Read More

Welcoming the Social Enterprise

I spend most of my time thinking about new and upcoming technology, but sometimes, it’s nice to reflect. The social enterprise is big news this week, and I’m glad this idea’s time has finally come. If you read here, you’ll know we were early proponents of socializing work, launching the IdeaFactory, which became Oracle Connect,… Read More

Welcome Noel

I’m happy to announce that AppsLab has grown by one, and we’re pleased to welcome Noel Portugal (@noelportugal) to our little family. If you read here, you’ll recognize Noel’s name. I first met Noel back in June 2008, when he reached out to me to show me OraTweet, his Twitter clone built with Oracle APEX.… Read More