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Reducing User Friction

A few nights ago a Domino’s Pizza commercial got my attention. It is called “Sarah Loves Emoji.” At the end, the fictional character Sarah finishes by simply saying “only Domino’s gets me.” The idea of texting an emoji, tweeting, using a Smart TV, or a smartwatch to automagically order pizza fascinates me. What Domino’s is attempting to… Read More

Amazon Echo, The Future or Fad?

Update: I now “hacked” the API to control Hue Lights and initiate a phone call with Twilio.  Check here Last November Amazon announced a new kind of device. Part speaker, part personal assistant and it called it Amazon Echo. If you saw the announcement you might have also see their quirky infomercial. The parodies came… Read More

Asteroid Hackathon

A couple weeks ago Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley), Bill Kraus, Raymond Xie and I participated in the Asteroid Hackathon hosted by @EchoUser. The main focus was “to engage astronomers, other space nerds, and the general public, with information, not just data.” As you might already know, we here at the AppsLab, are big fans of Hackathons as… Read More

What We Need Is More Robots

If you’ve seen intermittent connectivity issues this week, apologies, should be resolved now. I think we can all agree that robots are fascinating. So, when Misha (@mishavaughan) mentioned a robot project, I was immediately interested. Ludovic Vignals has an Aldebaran Robotics NAO humanoid robot. I know nothing about robotics, but NAO sounds pretty cool. Ludovic decided… Read More

Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge at OpenWorld 2012

Noel (@noelportugal) and I have been working on something new for OpenWorld (@oracleopenworld) for quite some time, and today, I got the final approvals to go ahead with the Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge. The skinny. The Challenge is a modified hackathon, designed to run during OpenWorld and JavaOne (@javaoneconf), and attendees of both conferences are welcome to join and… Read More

Robots Controlled by Text

After a bunch of travel and short hiatus, I’m back in the saddle. In case you were wondering, I had three conferences in a two-week span, GSummit, Kscope 12 and jQuery Conference. Since I got back, I’ve been taking it easy and manning the grill, as is the custom for Summers in America. Anyway, before… Read More