AppsLab Meetup

As we roll towards OpenWorld next week, it’s key to have each evening planned as well as the days. After all, conferences are a great chance to catch up with old friends, make new ones and put a real world face to a digital voice. In that spirit, join us at the AppsLab meetup, which… Read More

Sharing OpenWorld

Heading into OpenWorld next week, there are a few tools that you can use to broadcast your experiences and consume updates from the conference. Eddie has a great post today, detailing how to send pictures to the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Flickr group. Just send an email to future09ideas at photos dot flickr dot com. You… Read More

More OpenWorld Blogger Updates

Dennis pinged me over Twitter asking for keynote details for OpenWorld. So, I figured rather than talk about the elephant in the room, i.e. OpenSocial about which I know nothing, honestly, I would avoid the subject. First, the official OpenWorld Agenda and Show Guide is available here. This is exactly the same one you’ll get… Read More

The OpenLab

When we started our Connect experiment in August, one goal we had for the project was to engage the tens of thousands of technical folks at Oracle in something new. We call it OpenLab, and it’s run like an Open Source project within Oracle. The only thing we ask participants to do is use free… Read More

OpenWorld Blogger Update

So, a few updates for those interested in attending OpenWorld as a blogger. The registration process is now working, and we have a few confirmed attendees, including Vinnie and Jeff, who have also graciously offered to help plan the agenda for bloggers, which I think is still in the works. Because of the sheer number… Read More

Debrief of Lunch 2.0

For those who haven’t caught the dozen or so self-promotional references, Oracle hosted Lunch 2.0 this afternoon at the silos in Redwood Shores. I struggled to explain to people what Lunch 2.0 is before the event, not having attended one myself, but now I have a better idea. If you’re interested, the San Francisco Chronicle… Read More

A Can of Worms

If there was any remaining doubt that this blog has slipped into Seinfeld territory, I am sealing the deal by blogging about the comments on a seemingly innocent post from Friday called “Bloggers at OpenWorld“. The issue at hand is about providing recompense for time lost/expenses incurred for attendees. Here are the arguments in no… Read More

Bloggers at OpenWorld

I’m happy to announce that Oracle OpenWorld this year will be open to bloggers for the first time. Oracle has extended an invitation to leaders in the blogging community, who can come experience the pageantry of an entire city block covered by a huge tent (oh and the conference). Qualified bloggers can register for OpenWorld… Read More

Life in the Bullpen

After the divisional all-hands meeting last week and my post, I called out for anyone close to the Building 300 remodel to weigh in with comments. Someone answered the call, on an internal blog. His name is Puneet, and he’s a developer who sits in the bullpen on the 16th floor of 300, way at… Read More

Remember Rockwell?

Some of you may remember Rockwell, a.k.a. Kenneth William Gordy, the son of Motown Records head Berry Gordy, and his only hit, “Somebody’s Watching Me“. Released in 1984, the song featured Michael and Jermaine Jackson singing chorus. I always liked that song, and thanks to the Long Tail of music, this one-hit wonder gem lives… Read More

Eddie’s MetaLink Search Plus

We probably have a pretty high overlap percentage with Eddie so many of you have already seen this. Still, I want to point out a sweet Greasemonkey script he published yesterday. The script expands your keyword search on MetaLink to a host of other engines: Oracle documentation, blogs, public forums and mailing lists, AskTom,… Read More

More from the ASU ERP Implementation

Following last week’s coverage of the Arizona State ERP implementation, the Dr. Adrian Sannier, the University Technology Officer, has responded in his blog. It’s an interesting read. He points out that the mainstream coverage has focused primarily on the Payroll problems the new system had, which is understandable; it’s human interest, and yeah, it totally… Read More

ASU Pilots ERP Implementation 2.0

The WSJ ran a story yesterday about Arizona State University’s Oracle ERP implementation and the unique approach they’ve taken. The university’s head technology dude, Dr. Adrian Sannier (his blog), decided to take a New Web approach to the implementation. From the WSJ: In order to avoid the cost overruns that are typical with projects like… Read More

Are You a Keyboard Wizard?

Oracle Financials is 20 this year. Joe managed to dig up a screen capture. I found a higher resolution HR one. He refers to the cult of users who loved character mode because it was optimized for data entry and keystrokes, a totally lost art in applications today. Of course, Financials users at the time… Read More

New Applications Strategy Blogs

It’s my pleasure to welcome a couple new(ish), Applications Strategy blogs to the Oracle blogosphere. Financials Strategy, written by the Financials Strategy team Project Directions, written by the Projects Strategy team In case you didn’t know (read the About), we (AppsLab) are part of the Applications Strategy organization, so these are teams we work with… Read More

11g Doc Makeover: Part 2

About a month ago, I blogged about the 11g R1 documentation’s Easter Egg feature, comments. At the time, I recall thinking this was a great, easy way to engage people, but wondered if anyone would a) comment or b) reply to comments. Color me surprised. Today, Steeve Bisson blogged about comments he made to the… Read More

You Can Get Satisfaction

Rich created an Oracle space over at satisfaction, a startup focused on crowdsourcing customer service. Their site allows companies to give customers “people-power customer service”. I know for a fact we already have real-live people in support, but the aim here is to facilitate an open conversational approach, centered around more general issues and questions,… Read More

Video of Paul at Office 2.0

ZDNet has posted a short snippet of Paul’s commentary about Connect, after Dan Farber quizzed (and needled) him. I lol’d when Paul said he had a team of developers who are web savvy. Rich apparently has cloned himself. Woo-hoo! Either that or I am now a web developer . . . bah?