Gimme Your Lunch Money 2.0

Justin rightfully broke this story, and kudos to him for making it happen. Justin gets a lot of flack from bloggers and 2.0 types because he’s one of the voices of Oracle in the blogosphere. To his credit, he’s done more to turn the ship than any of us, while simultaneously get beat up internally… Read More

All Your (Oracle) Blogs are Belong to Us

So, about a month ago when I released the Oracle Blogs search engine plugins, Carl asked a very valid question. Why can’t I search all the blogs listed at, regardless of whether they are hosted by Oracle or not? I thought about this, contemplating creating a Custom Google Search Engine and a plugin against… Read More

We Were Connect First!

I was excited to see that Dow Chemical launched a social network today. It sounds like a great project, joining Dow’s current and former employees, targeted at different demographics. I especially like targeting alumnae who left for family-related reasons. Great stuff all around, excellent case study of a brick/mortar company embracing new web. What’s the… Read More

11g Doc Gets a New Web Makeover

Yesterday, I blogged about 11g updates to documentation tools that Eddie and I have written. I just noticed that Justin has a post about the 11g documentation as well. Apparently, each page now features comments at the bottom. I had to check this out for myself, and sure enough, here it is. Don’t believe it?… Read More

Search Tools Updated for 11g

Eddie Awad has a post today that some of you will find useful. His Oracle Bookmarklets and search plugins now support the brand new 11g R1 documentation. The Oracle Documentation search plugin I posted also includes 11g R1 now, too. For those uninitiated, bookmarklets allow you to do some pretty sweet productivity tweaks using Javascript… Read More

A New Day

I woke today to a wave of coverage on our little Connect project from ZDNet, namely Dennis Howlett, Michael Krigsman and Larry Dignan. I will spend today riding this wave, hoping not to eat it. Interlude After we went alpha, we needed a name for our little project. In true new web fashion, we offered… Read More

Oracle, delivered…

Need your daily dose of Oracle? I ran across some cool RSS feeds to keep track of what’s going on. I personally read the Corporate News and the Application News. Of course you can always add our feed as well if you’re feeling lucky. If you have other cool Oracle feeds I haven’t seen, post… Read More

Oracle’s Spin on Lunch 2.0

Tim Bonnemann and Marius Ciorea, two guys at Oracle corporate HQ, have started a Lunch 2.0 series with an Oracle spin. It’s modeled on Lunch 2.0, offering up discussion topics on new technologies, starting conversations around them and educating anyone who has an interest. The lunches have been a big hit so far, even though… Read More

Check out Oracle Events

As Justin pointed out yesterday, unveiled a very cool 2.0 (or dare I say, 2.0+) application called Oracle Events. This is a very useful mashup of the Oracle events calendar, Google Maps (surprise!) and a combination of Siderean Seamark and Oracle’s own Secure Enterprise Search. Many of you will recognize the semantic features that… Read More

Thank You Readers!

We crossed a few milestones or recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. We launched this blog June 1. Today: Feedburner says we have 208 readers. That number fluctuates wildly, but we’ve held your attention better lately, getting from 100 to 200 in a fraction of the time it took to get to… Read More

New Tools for Lucky Oracle Users

Yesterday, OTN released the Oracle DBA Toolbar (screenshot) for Firefox and IE. A great little tool for any Oracle DBA. Kudos to Justin and his OTN crew for delivering innovative, useful tools for our customers. Readers of this space may be sick of hearing about OpenSearch plugins, but like it or not, people find them… Read More