The iPhone Still Rules

I’m sure many of you out there got iPhones over the Holidays, just like David did. Rich finally joined the iranks, but he went the iPod touch route, an interesting choice, all the cool features, minus the uncool AT&T and the molasses-in- January slow Edge network. This blog has become an iPhone resource for Oracle… Read More

Fixes and New Stuff for Mix

Mix has been live for over a month now, and just before Christmas, Rich and Anthony dumped a bunch of bug fixes and new stuff. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Many of these are ideas that people submitted, so this is the part where I say the system works. This is also the part… Read More

New Oracle Digg Clone

Matt Topper, a friend of the ‘Lab, launched an Oracle Digg clone on Friday at He’s using Pligg, an Open Source Digg clone, as the backend, with a nice 2.0-style front end. I could live without the ads, but I know power/ping/pipe aren’t free. We toyed with Pligg a while back when we were… Read More

It’s That Time of Year

To usher out 2007, it’s time to do the retrospective. Cue the music. Looking back on this past year elicits “wow” moments for me. This time last year, I worked in a different team, Fusion Financials Strategy; I was neck-deep in the requirements for Secure Enterprise Search integration into Apps. I lived in a different… Read More

Welcome Anthony

I should have done this months ago. AppsLab added a new family member back in September, Anthony Lai. If you’ve read here for long, you know we are a small team: Paul drives the bus, Rich writes the code, and I . . . blog? We realized over the summer after IdeaFactory and Connect we… Read More

Imitation as Flattery

Steve Chan sent me a note today asking me if I’d seen this blog, called Oracle Applications DBA APPSLab. Apparently, the blog’s owner, Famy Rasheed, was asking Steve to list his new blog on Steve’s blogroll. Steve is a very conscientious (and popular) blogger, who has been plagiarized in the past, so he was doing… Read More

More Apps Blogs

By way of Justin, it seems that Jeremy Ashley and his team are now blogging about Applications user experience at usableapps. They’ve launched a full site around user experience, including design and research articles. I expect they’ll get a lot of comments and traffic, since everyone has an opinion about UI. It leaves a lasting… Read More

AppsLab Interviewed by The Feature

Marian Crkon writes The Feature, an E-Business Suite focused blog that also sometimes features the written styling of our pal, Floyd. You can find The Feature at the always entertaining URL,, which alludes to its authors backgrounds as consultants. Coincidentally, another guest writer for The Feature is Nancy Chung, who wrote a piece on… Read More

Mix So Far

We just got site analytics installed on Mix. It would have been nice to see the traffic patterns the week of OpenWorld. Sometimes duh stuff like that takes longer than anticipated, but oh well. We’re about three weeks in, give or take a holiday, so I figured I’d check out the ideas and share some… Read More

Hug a Developer

First off, sorry for sending spam and bacn, the other inbox meat, all over the place. I’m trying to build a community here, so mind the dust. Remember Puneet from Life in the Bullpen? His comment on an idea of mine got me thinking of another reason why you should use Mix. The network humanizes… Read More

Mix is for Everyone

Paul announced our new community, Oracle Mix, during OpenWorld. Rich blogged about the experience he and ThoughtWorks had building Mix in 4-ish weeks. Depending on whom you ask, Mix took anywhere from 6-3 weeks to execute, so it was a classic agile project. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know already, Mix is built in… Read More

Something Cool from OpenWorld

I forgot to mention this in my OpenWorld recap post, but it’s probably just as well. It might have been lost with the rest of the content. Dan Norris was talking about what he does, apparently he works, and he mentioned the Fall Saver. I guess Dan works with Piocon, and Piocon won a Titan… Read More

Back from OpenWorld

Sure, I got back from OpenWorld last Thursday, but I’m only now willing to get back in the saddle and blog about it. As I mentioned to a few of the Enterprise Irregulars who attended, OpenWorld is a marathon. Imagine a full day sessions, quietly sitting and listening, tons of walking around San Francisco, meeting… Read More

Off to OpenWorld

I’m headed out to San Francisco early tomorrow morning and will be around the event all day, probably on Twitter. I’m debating whether to take both the Macbook and PC. The Macbook’s battery life is a huge plus, whereas the PC can barely get booted on a full charge, which is annoying at best.  The… Read More

Twitter + OpenWorld and More

It seems like Twitter will be part of OpenWorld, if Eddie and I have anything to do with it. Floyd says he’s making his first foray into Twiterville at OpenWorld. He’s soliciting questions OAUG Fusion Council Panel on Sunday afternoon. So, tweet away with your questions. Tim, on the other hand, doesn’t get Twitter and… Read More

Cool Stuff is Happening

If you read this blog, you’ll know I use Twitter, as do many of the people I interact with virtually. Recently, Twitter and its use created a strange alliance that is a powerful case study for new web collaboration. This alliance made up of a person from SAP, a person from Oracle, an Oracle customer,… Read More